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CNA (nursing assistant) Skilled care unit vs Transitional Care unit *3rd shift*(HELP)?

by tom44 on July 15, 2012

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Question by Question_77: CNA (nursing assistant) Skilled care unit vs Transitional Care unit *3rd shift*(HELP)?
I’m straight out of CNA schooling. Just got my certification.
I’ve also just finished my CNA “orientation” at Uni-Health Post Acute Care of Raleigh, NC.
This nursing home facility is divided in 3 groups… TCU, SCU, and MSU.
Which unabbreviated mean, Transitional care unit (Rehabilitation), Skilled care unit (long term care), and memory skill unit (Alzheimer,dementia,and other memory related residents).

During my orientation i shadowed 3 CNA’s on the Long Term Care side during the 1st shift. They told me they couldn’t allow me to follow someone during the 3rd shift for orientation.

Now, i agreed for employment for 11pm-7am FULL TIME. They gave me part time hours?

Basically my question is this…

* What’s the difference regarding care for residents from long term care and rehab? (3rd shift if you can)
*Should i complain that my ‘job training’ was based on long term care and that that’s where i want to be working at?
*should i complain that my schedule is not the hours i agreed for in the first place?

Please and Thank-You


Best answer:

Answer by Ruby
I would first go to your human resource person and let them know that you are not comfortable yet with being on your own, and that you need a little bit more time.and remind them that you are a new cna. the difference between rehab and long term care and alzheimer, unit 1. rehab is short term a few weeks to a few months,and the residents can go home. long term care means just that, long term and the resident will probably stay and live there. Alzheimer’s unit means mostly need more care not to say you will not have Alzheimer’s res, on the other halls. but these folks have more memory skill problems and behaviors and safely issues. Honey this is long term care now days its also called culture change. To make my answer as short as possible.and without being boring. studies have shown that putting everyone into one group does not work so they changed a lot of what it use to be years ago. they also have more choices etc. I would not complain they trying to train you then you go to reg. shift. ask for more training to 3rd shift you will probably be trained there too don’t worry.

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