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CNA- Las Vegas, renting apartments?

by tom44 on June 2, 2012

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Question by hot_rican_4_ju: CNA- Las Vegas, renting apartments?
Will be moving to LV from Chicago very soon. How is the job outlook for nurse aides out there? Another question is, how the heck can I get an apartment without proof of a job? I mean I can pay a few months off at a time, but they still want to see a job. What are some tricks that some of you may have used? I dont want to stay with my uncle very long.

Any positive advice will be appreciated.

Yes, I know we are in a recession and LV is not doing so good. Well Chicago is not soo being so good to us either. We need a change.

Best answer:

Answer by chauffeur_rich
Do a on-line job search on the local news papers las vegas review journal or the las vegas sun

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One thought on “CNA- Las Vegas, renting apartments?

  1. Isa says:

    Check out this website for apartments

    Here are some websites for work. LOTS of CNA Jobs in Las Vegas.,+NV/for/cna?d=1

    Try to get the work before you move. If you are open minded and do job searches once you get there you will find work. You work in the health field so CNA and other work are open. Go for it.

    Also apply online to the hospitals in Las Vegas. You should be able to get a job there before you move. If you plan to move in a month then apply and call the jobs and apartment. If you have the money saved up just let the apartment people know you are moving.

    All my best

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