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CNA job wanted in Charleston SC?

by tom44 on August 29, 2012

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Question by naomie4lyf: CNA job wanted in Charleston SC?
I plan to move to Charleston, SC From Massachusetts but i need to know that i can get a quick job there first to move.
I’m search for a job in Certified Nursing Assistant.
In Massachusetts i just finish my technician college and i took the state test for CNA and i passed { I have my license for CNA but no experience yet } Basically is there any place that will hire me in these conditions, i plan to move to Charleston by July..If so please state them n please feel free to offer advice. Please&Thank you..God Bless

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Answer by Marie
It is my guess you will have to take another test to be certified in SC. I was certified in NY and would have to had to take a test in NC to be certified. But, lucky for me I was on somebody’s list and received a phone call about generating cash from home by doing just what they were doing. Making 2 calls to people waiting for information about being their own CEO generating cash from home daily. TThat was over two years ago. Check it out

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