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CNA Courses – Provide Mouth Care to a Patient

by tom44 on November 4, 2012

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Visit to see the list of local colleges that offer CNA course. Depend on your state, The course consists of 75-hours of theory, 100-hours of on-the-job training, and a 2-part final exam. Until all parts are completed, you have not completed the course. State regulations allow an individual up to 6 months to get back into the course. If 6 months have passed since the last day you attended any portion of the course, you must retake the entire course.
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How to wash your hands, courtesy of Stillwater Executive Institute CNA school located in Lakewood and Trinidad Colorado.
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25 thoughts on “CNA Courses – Provide Mouth Care to a Patient

  1. Elijah Drew says:

    This isn’t washing off? shit.

  2. itsmemidget1 says:

    good job with the exception now days you need to dry your hands and with another paper towel you need? to shut the water off. as a cna and new laws

  3. 18princesadedios says:

    I know right!!?.. people are always? criticizing ugh! :/ …. I Believe she did perfect 🙂

  4. taltysty03 says:

    We were? taught to turn the water on with a paper towel.

  5. MrsLillyBanks says:

    thats what i said! Looks right to me!

  6. MrsLillyBanks says:

    where did she? fail? Someone explain please! She did over 20secs, washed hands, nails, wrists. No dirty water went up arms nor did she shake water away. She dried and turned off with paper towel. Tell me

  7. jcsii says:

    Guaranteed to pass the CNA exam.. Pass CNA Exam (dot) com 100%? money back!?

  8. blazionzwifeyy says:

    This was in 2008 so the law has been changed maybe then she has done it correctly the? only flaws i seen is that she washed her hands longer than 20 seconds and she also kept changing the water. everything is pretty on point for the state i live in

  9. EveUnderConstruction says:

    I’m sitting here with the Pennsylvania Nurse Aid Candidate Handbook issued by the Department of Education and according to it…this is EXACTLY the right way to do it! (excluding step 1: Introducing yourself to patient) Not sure if you guys are trolling? …but def check with your school or state Department of Education to issue free handbook.

  10. Yutunauta says:

    Fail, fail,? and fail so much… Alot.

  11. modchic75 says:

    No! No! No! This is all wrong. People this is the way you don’t? wash your hands. FAIL.

  12. Tasha Meredith says:

    As of today u always use a paper towel to turn on the faucet. Apply soap to ur hands THEN get water on ur hands. Scrub for least 20 seconds (fron and back of palms,? between fingers, nails, and 2-3 inches of the wrist). Keep ur hands pointed down and rinse that way too. Leave water running and have ur hands up. NEVER RUB UR HANDS TO DRY THEM!! Pat dry from top to bottom ONLY on one side of ONE hand (once u pat downward u can not go back up the arm!) throw paper towel away and repeat until both h

  13. Tasha Meredith says:

    U just failed at that skill, i havent even taken my states test yet and? i kmow that

  14. nikaunika111 says:

    i agree she wouldnt even pass the clinicals because that? is the first skill you do and she sooooo failed

  15. missmeggiepoo says:

    @floryv3260 you don’t need to open the faucet with a paper towel because you are about to wash? your hands anyway. so it doesn’t matter if they get dirty at first.

  16. xaqofaho1 says:

    Look at There? will always be? a demand for nursing.


  17. ImAsFakeAsMyBoobs says:

    She wasted? sooooo much fucking water lololol.

  18. 1agenda01 says:

    2008!!! Yeah,? things have changed…..

  19. Yani Mendoza says:

    first i am going to wet my hands, apply some soap, rub my hands together, interlace fingers pointing down, wash my wrist, wash around each nail & rub my fingernails against my palms. Rinse my hands; im gonna dry? my hands with some paper towel. Dispose tha dirty paper towel in the trash. Grab Some Paper Towel and turn off the faucet, dispose the paper towel in the trash and I’M DONE! LoL I’m Practicing My Handwashing skills for my clinicals next week.

  20. babygurl22393 says:

    Shut up shes? clearly a student she did ok w/ a few mistskes & cleary none of you have worked in the field NOBODY washes their hands how the “should” unless its a “scrub in”

  21. SakiOhMa says:

    Can someone please tell me why this video is wrong?? This is exactly how they taught us to wash our hands at my school 🙁

  22. elisha8able says:


  23. FloryV3260 says:

    * you didnt open the fauce with a? napkin
    * you did not keep your finger pointing down
    * you dried your hands the back to front instead of front to back!!

  24. debbdepot says:

    I’m from mass and this skill being performed? is wrong.

  25. elLZiekay says:

    Aren’t? your hands supposed to stay below your elbows

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