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Chill-O Stainless Steel Diamond Ice Cubes Set of 6 Diamond Chillers – Wine Chillers -Whiskey Chillers – And Spirits Chillers

by tom44 on November 14, 2015

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Chill-O Stainless Steel Diamond Ice Cubes Set of 6 Diamond Chillers – Wine Chillers -Whiskey Chillers – And Spirits Chillers

  • Benefits The advantages of Stainless Steel Diamond Ice Cubes are many. The functional as well as aesthetic benefits of the cubes never fail to capture the attention of refined drinkers.
  • Perfectly sized cubes are suitable for use in all kinds of glasses. They do not break the glasses when dropped accidentally into them. • They lie at the bottom of the glass and do not obstruct the sipping, unless the glass is bottomedup. • A classy velvet magnetic box packing makes it easy to carry the cubes and easy to place them in the freezer.
  • Conclusion To sum up, the Diamond Cubes are collectible items for every discerning alcohol drinker. The reflective cubes are a classy alternative to ice cubes for chilling the drinks. They do not dilute the drinks, preserve their flavor and provide a quick chill to drinks without having to wait for the refrigerator to do the needful. As a good conversation starter, they are a must in parties and social drinks.
  • • They chill the drinks without diluting them. • The flat faces of the cubes make it very easy to handle them while dropping in the glasses. • Non-spherical shape of the cubesimplies a larger surface area in contact with the drinks, speeding up the chilling effect. • The tasteless and odorless diamond cubes preserve the flavor of drinks. • The shiny, polished and exquisite metal chillers leave the party guests amazed at their novelty • They provide a quick chill, saving the time required to chill a drink in refrigerator. • Eye-catching design of the reflective diamond cubes makes it an easy conversation starter in any situation, be it a home party, club or a casual hangout.
  • The cubes have a liquid interior containing medical-grade alcohol and water, which makes them three to four times lighter than similar products in the market. • Stainless steel cubes do not rust, are very smooth and clean. They do not add any impurities to drinks and are easily cleaned with water after every drink. • They are made of food grade stainless steel and possess FDA approval for food and drinks. • A variety of hot drinks like whiskey, scotch, wine, vodka and so on can avail the benefit of these chillers. They are suitable for other beverages like juice, ice-tea, soda etc. too

Introduction Stainless Steel Diamond Cubes are the perfect alternative to ice cubes for chilling the drinks. Their ability to chill drinks without diluting them or spoiling their flavor, makes them collectible items for a discerning drinker. The cubes are suitable for chilling all kinds of alcohols like whiskey, wine, vodka and other spirits. These chillers provide a quick chill to drinks, sparing the need to wait for the refrigerator to cool them. Description The cubes are 26×29 mm in size and

Price: $ 24.99

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