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Children, Cancer, and Medical Cannabis, a life saver?

by tom44 on June 13, 2014

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After the debate on FL Amendment 2 which will legalize medical marijuana if passed in Florida on November 4th, 2014, I filmed these brave young kids and thei…
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The jig is up and the real is on the table. Call a spade a spade if you discriminate against one you discriminate against all. Ohh you think I’m full of it? …
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16 thoughts on “Children, Cancer, and Medical Cannabis, a life saver?

  1. iConeMan2 says:

    God blessed us with this wonderful plant and God bless these mothers for
    the strength they have shown for the welfare of their sick children.
    When you see the results some people are having, how can anyone with any
    morals stand in the way, this isn’t about getting stoned its about getting
    well. ?

  2. Leonard Schmiege says:

    Children being treated with Medical Cannabis and their moms after Amend 2

  3. Mook G SavaGe says:

    Is Illinois on that bullshxt Folks?

  4. KILLASIN2012 says:

    what would you expect from them , history shows amerikkka doesnt want
    people of color to have an easy life……?

  5. Austin Sureman says:

    real talk nat?

  6. KILLASIN2012 says:

    also ive seen that most of the colored people in the game want to be all in
    the white folks ass,instead of building with each other in this game, and
    thats very said…?

  7. jblizz510 says:

    That’s real shit man!!?

  8. Luis Ruiz says:

    Nattie I need you to add me to contact s can’t message other wise?

  9. mikey vang says:

    king los?

  10. Chrome_8 says:

    Real shit.?

  11. Mrsirajabdullah71 says:


  12. De Mello says:

    You keep it real bro.. I really want to pick your Brian. I want learn more
    about the Cali game. ?

  13. Shawn Dunn says:

    nappy roots!! nice. they are the homies for real. Louisville KY in the
    house. Whats good Nattie McSchmattie?

  14. Luis Ruiz says:

    Yo big homie can I shoot you some testers to rock outdoors I got something
    for the patients chem valley kush X harlequin?

  15. Austin Sureman says:

    first of your vid’s i’ve watched. the realest.?

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