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Chicago High School Prepares Students for Real-World Manufacturing Jobs

by tom44 on March 7, 2013

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With unemployment holding steady above 9 percent, the jobs market looks bleak. But there is one industry that has added jobs: manufacturing. Ash-har Quraishi of Chicago News Cooperative reports on one public school that’s retooling to help its graduates take advantage of these jobs.

John comes from a rich family history of military experience and currently serves in the Navy Reserve as an Engineering Aide in the Seabees. As a Reservist, he is able to steady his life as a husband and family man with his life as a Seabee: able to maintain the discipline, responsibility, and honor learned through his service both home and away.
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28 thoughts on “Chicago High School Prepares Students for Real-World Manufacturing Jobs

  1. geir44 says:

    I think? they do that stuff in China for 5 bucks an hour. And they work all day long.

    Anybody else remember the claim that when the baby-boomers retired there would be a surplus of jobs? LOL….

  2. endauthority says:

    LOOOOOOOL? FAIL youll need a time machine for manufacturing in the usa

  3. BeantownJim says:

    What jobs? hahahaha?

  4. Zinny Kylea says:


  5. GianisAwesome1 says:


  6. dreamndigital23 says:

    That’s what I was thinking, hippie would run away? if there was a draft. 😛

  7. 69warbeast69 says:

    I just joined the? Navy I am a BU

  8. Justin Haight says:

    BU stands for Builder, which is the best job in the seabees? =p

  9. docroe528 says:

    Whats? a BU?

  10. Justin Haight says:

    i love being in the seabees? as a BU but i wish times where better so i could have started out active duty instead of reserve but i am proud to be apart of NMCB 28, OLD PROS HOORAH

  11. eo2hopper says:

    I had the honor of serving with petty officer austin, I will tell you he is an awesome seabee!! I miss ncmb 26 with all my heart! However missing them is no? longer an option! I am coming home! Hooorahh seabees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. RagnaDDR says:

    How? does one become a Seabee. I got the UT job for the NAVY but IDK how seabee get the stinging on

  13. senses2000 says:

    I was given a shot and got? fungus after that!!! Can’t trust big bro. Sorry! Love my mates though.

  14. SLITTHROAT13 says:

    My dad was a? SeaBee in vietnam 😀

  15. nlhillyer says:

    My better half is also a John Austin. Was in the Seabees and was in the Antarctic? Continent, plus many other places, i.e. Panama Canal, Chile, Marshal Islands, etc.
    Love the seabees and has great memories. So glad there is another Austin in the Sesabees! 🙂

  16. mweller18 says:

    OH GOOD LORD YOU LIBERAL HIPPY! You watch too? much CNN! I have been Vaccinated by shit loads of stuff as a Bee and i am healthy as hell…. Man!

  17. mweller18 says:

    Hoorah? Seabee! From SWCN Weller in 74. Jock4life58, dont expect any training at all, unless you become activated or become active duty period….Sorry but its the truth.

  18. Jimmy Darwin says:

    I’d join…if vaccinations were not mandatory like the Swine Flu (H1N1) “Vaccine”.? I’m not willing to be guinea pig for Big Pharma =P

  19. ryanb788 says:

    I miss the Seabees at times CE 3 construction electrician? from 1997-2003

  20. zacafreakingriah says:

    i wanted to do SW when i was signing up, but all the seabee rates were closed and i got IS. I enjoy it but i kinda wish i could live two lives so i could? have been a seabee : (

  21. mfga4 says:

    I don’t know if you know this, but, we have a shortage of officers in the Navy.. with an architectural degree.. I don’t know? why you’re not helping the Navy as an officer… you’re not giving the Navy everything you’ve got… we need your brains to lead our soldiers and bring them home… we are Navy seabees and we need officers with balls to lead our soldiers… ENSIGN G*****

  22. diggydirt1982 says:

    Good for you EA2 Austin, now where would that? SCWS pin be? lol

    NMCB7 03-07 (Iraq, Afghan, KZ)

  23. sandcrab13 says:

    Seabee 1989-1999? BU1 (SCW). Thanks to all who serve our country!

  24. maltagallo says:

    30 i think?

  25. taznruby says:

    Seabees rock!!….served 80-84…Thank you? all for your service!!!!

  26. ihoppy says:


  27. CrazySeabee says:

    CE1 here shouting out from San Diego with that “Can Do” spirit. If I had to? do it all over again i’ll still join the Bees.

  28. stratinthehat0414 says:

    the minium score to join the navy is 35. but you wont be able to get a good job without at? least a 50. the test is very easy though as long as you know basic knowledge. good luck GO NAVY

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