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Charlie LeDuff Golfs the Length of Detroit

by tom44 on November 6, 2012

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Fox 2’s Charlie Leduff sets on a mission to golf from 8 Mile Road to Belle Isle, in a attempt to learn more about the city and it’s citizens. What he discovers is that the citizens are stranded on an island with little or no city services. Hope is slowly fading and so are the people.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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22 thoughts on “Charlie LeDuff Golfs the Length of Detroit

  1. bluesmahn says:

    Charlie….I think you? have lost your mind…but I will continue to listen to you ,,you know what you are talking about

  2. DH405okc says:

    Yeah! The guys who put the economy in? a tailspin and then said “Screw Detroit, let the auto companies burn!”

  3. wonsunnyday says:

    this? is some DAMN fine journalism

  4. ty69ify says:

    Their going to make a movie? of this man one day.

  5. Dustyroo500 says:

    “How do? you eat?” …Oh I think she eats just fine.

  6. jimmy10798 says:

    uh, theres a huge hospital at university and Crawford thats boarded up? explain that… as for Detroit you’ve got to be kidding me if you don’t think that place looks like its? a post apocalyptic dump, and most days I get annoyed by atleast 3 people panhandling me for money, please…

  7. Spawnicus Pointicus says:

    “I feel that we can and I just did”?

  8. Spawnicus Pointicus says:

    Dat lady: Lets all? play golf!

  9. sweetnahalf says:

    First off,? you’re a liar. Windsor’s economy isn’t doing so well but the only boarded up houses are on Indian and Rosedale and that’s because of the bridge company, not the recession.

    There are a few homeless people like feather hat and a few others who bother nobody. Quit trying to act like you know what Detroit is going through.

  10. azv56 says:


  11. MiracleBlueOfficial says:

    This man deserves every? pulitzer prize thrown his way. Absolutely a-ma-zing journalist.

  12. ThePurplerose110 says:

    Dear charlie I love watching you tell these officials off and I love the way you ask the hard questions that? we dont know to ask keep up the good work! Your the first reporter that totally has the community at heart! Your loyal fan!

  13. wpw721 says:

    Love it? great video!!!!!!

  14. Choleer says:

    I am not even American and i heard a lot of bad things about Detroit. This is a fantastic piece of work Charlie and i’m glad i found this video, even though i searched for some real golf videos 🙂 I wish there was? at least 1 journalist like you in my country.

  15. Alex Conley says:

    8:35 lol?

  16. jimmy10798 says:

    I live in across the river in Windsor trust me its not much better then Detroit … there’s boarded up abandoned? houses, homeless people and it looks like a shit hole…

  17. Antonio Sanchez says:

    For being such a depressing place, golfing through it made me bust out laughing!?

  18. thelondonzoo says:

    Why are they waiting for the government to help them? Why don’t? they help themselves?

  19. DuecePiece says:

    Lovin Charlie all the way from Dayton, Ohio.?

  20. Azurewinged says:

    Charlie you? are awesome

  21. lawguru78 says:

    At first,? I didn’t like Charlie LeDuff,? but now I can’t get enough of him. He is an excellent journalist who thinks outside of the box. I can appreciate his wit and love for? the City. I truly believe he has a greater calling then working for Fox 2 News. I’m sure some larger network will snatch him up soon.

  22. lastwhiteman220 says:

    Detroit`s such? a joke, they should? just nuke it and build a new city on the ruins without the nigs.

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