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Charleston SC Air Ambulance Service, Medical Air Transport, Aero Care – Guardian Life Flight

by tom44 on June 28, 2012

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Charleston SC Air Ambulance Service, Medical Air Transport, Aero Care presented by Guardian Life Flight For Medical Flight Information, please contact: Charleston SC Website Design and Video Production Services by
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Time: 08:00 PM (2000) EST on Thursday, January 19th, 2012 Location: North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina Broadcast: CNN Sponsor: Southern Republican Leadership Conference Host: John King of CNN Participants: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul
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25 thoughts on “Charleston SC Air Ambulance Service, Medical Air Transport, Aero Care – Guardian Life Flight

  1. AlvinRey70 says:

    that look on Obama’s face on the posted ad to the right of the video saying “Obama is out of touch”!! Obozo the clown looks creepy? and evil looking!! lmao

  2. Albtraumen says:

    OMGosh, Beavis or Butthead?

  3. Sk8kickflip07 says:

    Not? being racist but that looks like a KKK meeting.

  4. nickospaok says:

    @wocijun i agree one of? my top 10 also… i think you would enjoy this game have a look ==>

  5. Sesimwe Mtatya says:

    Uh…yes, he has.? He doesn’t stand a chance, anyway.

  6. Jacobobi1 says:

    uh…? no he hasn’t?

  7. NNNNTE says:

    23:00 Santorum: “South Carolina can compete with? anybody in this world in manufacturing.”

    You forgot about China eh?

  8. wendysuleima says:

    Ron Paul hardly has the time to? speak! He makes the best point!

  9. wendysuleima says:

    Ron Paul? 2012!<3

  10. Kooscoose says:

    42:20 hahaha ?

  11. hellooo42971 says:

    What is the? guy conducting the debate called? And Newt truly owned him.

  12. DynamicalChaos says:

    Oh long Johnson … oh long Johnson …? oh long Johnson …

  13. saladin778 says:

    Like si eres mexicano y odias? a todos estos pinches racistas

  14. 1cexman says:

    he hasn’t dropped out, he is just not campaigning in the rest of the? primary states

  15. Sesimwe Mtatya says:

    What planet are? you on. He’s dropped out.

  16. Sesimwe Mtatya says:

    @1:45:20 Santorum? pleads the case for Romney.

  17. TheRandal400 says:

    California and New Jersey
    is the states he will not be campeigning in because he doesnt have the money.
    he’s still in the game and with his views on canabis and the fed California and New Jersey would be a waste of money as they are? the canabis capitals.
    he already have the canabis states bagged, use your head.
    y waste money in a store you own

  18. Sesimwe Mtatya says:

    I really loved Ron Paul, though. If he wasn’t running against? Obama, I would have wanted to win.

  19. Sesimwe Mtatya says:

    Too bad he bowed out.?

  20. sarahlinnmaslen says:

    Newt had VERY good ideas on illegal immigration. I am a Democrat but I believe that his opinions on that matter were handled very well. If our country became Republican, Romney and Paul together would? create a decent candidate. But if one person had to become in power, Paul would be the one for me.

  21. mafehmalum says:

    Only Dr. Paul has no issues, the candidate who will end? the FED which the root cause of the problem.

  22. TheRandal400 says:

    Mitt Romney wants to treat america as a corporate buisness, plus as a presidential candidate he is already barking orders contradicting and lying to us if he becomes? president its because he cheated

  23. TheRandal400 says:

    my motto
    if ron paul doesnt win i will go crazy
    im from dah hood and i got over? 33 of my niggahs to register pepublican

  24. TheRandal400 says:

    he looks like the? antichrist.
    all hail nwo

  25. Westernairesfly says:

    Go Ron? Paul!

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