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Chaffey College- Unprovoked Police Brutality and Arrests

by tom44 on June 27, 2012

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On the Chaffey Community College campus, during one of our most peaceful days, the police arrest and brutalize Joey, James, and Jason after we all complied with school policy, during one of our most peaceful days of activism and free speech. Partial transcript of difficult-to-hear audio: -“He’s choking him! He’s choking him!”-Jason, as the camera is first pushed away from the door. You can hear him continuing to yell this for about a minute on both sides of the room, including the reception area. -“I’m not resisting!”-James, after he is slammed down on the table, supposedly for resisting the officers. The arrestees: 1st) Jason 2nd) James 3rd) Joey The context: -Listen to what Kortney, the camera person, is saying; she fills it all in. -Toward the end of this video, you can see the main entrance is closed, because they locked down the entire building, closed all the blinds, blocking that side door window with paper, ALL DURING THEIR NORMAL HOURS OF OPERATION, with all three arresttees locked inside for between 20 minutes (Joey) to over an hour (James and Jason). -These are the most talkative and brave members of our team, especially concerning injustice, even when under fire, as you can see at the beginning of the video. By the end of the video, you can see that they aren’t saying anything. What did the police say/do to them to so drastically change their normal reactions? -None of them were informed what they were being arrested, nor given prior warning to being arrested
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25 thoughts on “Chaffey College- Unprovoked Police Brutality and Arrests

  1. santrackjuggalo says:

    I think the students should be arrested for? attending chaffey

  2. greatxssassin1 says:

    You can’t trespass a community college. It’s? a public school.

  3. agrassel49 says:

    were the students trespassing? if so, then they were under arrest for it. when someone who has the authority to tell someone elso to leave their private property and they? DONT….you get arrested. Dumb assed kids. when they finally get their law degree they will look back on this and say, “man, we were stupid…”

  4. glsblink says:

    These police either the most stupid or the? most idiot. Over a small incident and go create a trouble for themselves. Way the go USA Police sound like 3 world class police. WEEE……. China need to rescue USA by invading lol. Thats what US A do lol

  5. mgs1234567890 says:


  6. lawnsausages says:

    Mix the righteous indignation of young people? with campus cops… hilarity ensues….

  7. SacredAge says:

    Fucking? Nazis!!

  8. Kanthor420 says:

    You kids are mouthy? spoiled little brats who promote nothing but ignorance. Just obey your peace officer and nothing happens to you. Funny how that works.

  9. dawnmarie0817 says:

    a badge and testosterone are? a dangerous combination

  10. xzmn61 says:

    I read? these guys won a $225,000 settlement. It was announced on 5-2-11. To that, I say GOOD!

  11. fiona3637 says:

    So the cops told them that they had to protest on a tiny little patch of land…..the kid asked why and was handcuffed as a result…..the situation escalated from their. The police obviously overreacted, and it was an abuse of power. I doubt the guys were injured but it DOES look like an abuse of power on the part of the police. ? Most think the abuse was because these were Pro-LIFE protestors; not real popular in CA….

  12. SuperTregs says:

    Oh no you had handcuff your wrist? may have got a bruise that sure is some serious brutality.

  13. justdrift1 says:

    I wish? i could unview… you guys are all retarded… “Don’t touch me!” “He’s choking, cough, ,mm”

  14. kiesterr says:

    hahahahahahahah this was the stupidest thing i have seen in awhile haha..
    hahaha.. put them in the back room.. “hes? choking me!!”
    i bet they had whips and chains too.

  15. doggysti3s says:

    Where was the? brutality?

  16. SuperVladamere says:

    Police Brutality? Really? Kids from Upland? I assume.

  17. sierm says:

    Obviously an example of oppressed inland empire, spoiled middle class white kid flexing pseudo-intellectual muscles. This self-righteous jackassery is a prime example of the attitude of self entitlement that is infecting the United States. You think you know the facts, when in fact, you know jack. Now, go back home to Upland or Falcon Ridge, rock your Jay-Z or whatever you listen to in the car? your Mommy and Daddy bought you stop your pursuit of oppression in a freaking suburb!

  18. JustinKenward says:

    The video doesn’t really show any police violence. However? I am well aware of Chaffey police’s dastardly and gestapo like intimidation tactics. I’ve read much of the details on this case. I’ve got a number of separate accounts from students, staff, professors and my own personal experience that would indicate to me that your experience is more truth then fiction.

  19. Snipza says:

    Wow… this is exactly what we need… more jimmy justices. Why don’t you guys just go about your business instead of trying to provoke abuse that clearly is not there. You’re all screaming “ABUSE” but your video show none. Just because that boy was screaming that he’s being choked doesn’t prove that he was. If so, I could scream rape whenever I wanted to and someone would? become a sex offender. lame lame lame. :p

  20. TheBlackB0X says:

    Give me a break lol, wrong doing? Do you see any brutality in this video? I don’t, I see a loud mouthed kid with an ego the size of the moon trying to convince police officers that his jackassery is fine, because the dude in the white shirt didn’t say his name in the split second the? trouble maker wanted him to, so all the other dummies who were his friends started creating more drama out of this bs.

  21. TheBlackB0X says:

    You like its totally cool to hate cops cause thats what the rappers do right… seriously get a life kids, you start trouble you end up with trouble, enough said, the video started out with these punks throwing a fit? cause they didn’t realize the guy in the white shirt was a police officer, its like being mad cause you thought you made fun of a school student and realized it was a teacher and got your butt canned for it. But But But He/She didn’t say she was a teacher bwaaaa…

  22. falcon2160 says:

    Now this joker’s? asking for it.

  23. GrassLok says:

    i dont even get loud and? crazy with the cops and they still jump out of their cars at night with their guns with the lazer pointers out just cuz me and my friends live in apartments in Montclair CA of course one of the homies always runs and risk gettin shot cuz they tired of the bullshyt. you cant argue all you could rilly do is get away.

  24. InjusticeTVChannel says:

    Bad cops like this give good cops a bad name. Its time to get rid? of criminal cops.

  25. Marcel1157 says:

    They have to hide themselves because? they dont want anybody with prouf of their wrongdoing.

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