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Certified Nursing Assistant Program

by tom44 on July 19, 2012

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Introduction to the Certified Nursing Assistant program at San Diego Continuing Education
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26 thoughts on “Certified Nursing Assistant Program

  1. EvgenProhorov says:

    I? don’t think that it takes 6 – 12? weeks to pass CNA exam. Please look here


  2. angie thervil says:

    If you are in the fort lauderdale area, you need to go to marlene training center, she will help you past your nursing assistant test the first? time.

  3. 89annies says:

    Got my certification done? for free at a local nursing home!!!

  4. healthcareerhelp says:

    Becoming a CNA is a very rewarding career that take a lot of caring and dedication. CNA programs? are also a fantastic way to get your foot in the door in the medical field. I have a lot of respect for all the CNA’s out there.

  5. LilMizzKiwi1 says:

    i’m also planning to becoming a CNA then next step LVN…then if all goes well? RN, which is a little more complicated to get in *cries* 🙁

  6. dijornopizza says:

    sharing stories with the elderly or playing cards.? lol …………what is a cota

  7. chikeedoo says:

    do you? really HAVE to wash the male genitalia?

  8. Peiazjaeh says:

    In washington…I’m going to train next year (I’m 17). ?

  9. kimsy520 says:

    Where in the US is a 15-year-old allowed to be a CNA? I don’t even know? many 15 year olds that can take a job at Chick-Fil-A.

    I wouldn’t want a minor caring for my family member. It’s just way too involved and demanding. Just saying.

    (Yes, I know that your post is 2 years old.)

  10. kimsy520 says:

    Also…what kind of school is this? Look at 0:49…that was one of the? worst transfers I have ever seen. Poor body mechanics. Not safe for the practitioner or the patient.

  11. kimsy520 says:

    I was a CNA. I quit being a CNA because I got my license to be a COTA. Being a CNA is HARD WORK. The lifting, the turning, the messy work, the ungrateful? patients, the uncooperative, rude nurses, the unreasonable caseloads, the VERY low pay…this job is a stepping stone for nursing (which is not much better), and nothing more. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do this job, I’m just warning you: it’s not all about sharing stories with the elderly or playing cards. It is very hard work.

  12. sofrito34 says:

    @angelcarmichael OK,? Try DEANTAL ASSISTANT …no better!

  13. ctnjason says:

    im glad someone does….. ive gotten nasty private messages saying what a heartless asshole i am lol. Im just trying to warn people that this job isnt all its made out to be. Every time i see my doctor, the girl that does my blood pressure looks like she wants to commit suicide LOL….. im not joking. ?

  14. MsKabota says:

    i? totally agree with u

  15. MsKabota says:

    but i like to help people. but money is important also? specially in this economy.

  16. MsKabota says:

    it is now about 14 and 16 bucks an hour and it has over time. this means double payments.. and plus u get good insurance.most of hospital u dont have to clean? shit.
    this time insurance is not cheap. i pay from outof my pocket for me it is really not cheap.

  17. TheKarbala2010 says:

    Only those who are in love will accept this job, and you must love your job. When you love sth you do not care of the money. For this jib you must have kind of …. loving people to do? it.

  18. teceyS3 says:

    @angelcarmichael: being? a CNA is more about serving your fellow man.

  19. teceyS3 says:

    @chazzyMooMoo: being a? CNA is more about serving your fellow man.

  20. alwayshayla says:

    This is a dirty job,? but it’s one where you get a lot of experience. It’s not like I’m going to be a cna forever.

  21. hermoinelawrence says:

    I had a different experiences totally. I could not get into a course and someone told me to go to a site cos they were offering assistance with the HCA course.They got me into another college immediately and? got half my tuition paid for. Once I graduated then medijobz got me a job. I got work in a facility and I making $21 an hour plus teeth and benefits. It work really well for me

  22. rosannamfan says:

    I’m soo going? to take course for this!!!

  23. ctnjason says:

    not worry about the pay? well that sounds fine and dandy but alot of these programs are VERY expensive and give the impression you will be making a decent salary when the truth is you will NOT. Also, that 11 dollars an hour isnt looking too well when you have a mortgage/ kids / car payment etc in this economy. Either go straight to nursing (RN not? some LPN, CNA or other) and get a real job that will be really respectable and important while paying the bills at the same time 🙂

  24. robingacud says:

    @ScarletUtterfly well after becoming a CNA you can either choose to go straight to LVN or do some prereqs for RN, either one will work and? like for me i want to choose the CNA—LVN—RN path so i can take the steps really slowly. to be an LVN you have to have a CNA license before you get in this depends on the state your in, and institution. You should subscribe to me and youll see my journey towards CNA schooling. thanks. ask more questions if you have them

  25. ScarletUtterfly says:

    same here but i dont really no much about the LVN program though, is it like the next step? up from CNA towards becoming a RN?

  26. cnatrainingnews says:

    Online cna training helped me to became certified nursing? assistant in 2 month!

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