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Certified medical assistant trying to find a job in Philadelphia PA?

by tom44 on May 23, 2014

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Question by Emdee: Certified medical assistant trying to find a job in Philadelphia PA?
Hi all. I’m a recent Medical Assistant graduate of Kaplan Career Institute. I’am ceritified. I did 200 hours of extern. I’ve been searching for jobs online like a maniac. However I haven’t had one call or email. I’ve applied mainly for hospitals. I’t’s fairly hard to find smaller clinics/practices online. I’m starting for feel discouraged, does anyone know of any medical facilities that’re currently hiring in the Philadelphia or nearby area?? Any advices? Please, thanks.

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Answer by monique
I would encourage you to not get discouraged, I know easier said than done. Have you had someone read your resume? If not, I would encourage you to have a friend/family member read your resume for feedback. Also, I would encourage you to hone how to write a cover letter. Your cover letter is your opportunity be personal and share why you want the job and make it specific to each job. Whatever you do, don’t use cookie cutter cover letters that say you are going to save the world, you are a great person and world peace is your goal. Make it individualized! Also, do you have someone from your extern who can write you a reference letter? Use that as well when you apply to online jobs.

What online job search do you use? Indeed is a favorite of mine.

I get almost 1500 hits for medical assistant in Philadelphia using Indeed, and there are a ton of new ones. Here is the link/search I used:

I would also encourage you to call once you apply after several days to just affirm your desire for the job and such. Also, a biggie….the cover letter is your time to say why they should hire you. Not about what your goals are. When you read the cover letter, it is your time to sell yourself. Why should they hire you……….what about you makes you the best candidate? Work it!!

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