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by tom44 on March 15, 2014

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Despite the H1N1 turned out to be pretty tame, mandated H1N1 flue shots are on the way for American citizens. For real. Judge Halt…
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  1. fettkatt87 says:

    With the help of GOD i will never take a vaccine again as long as i live.

  2. kimber202 says:

    I am so sorry I am late to watch this video, as it is past November
    30th…Somebody tell me what I can do stop more laws like this from
    being passed?? HELP, a response…tell me what to do??? We
    have to stop letting our government use us…

  3. ilvnyc2 says:

    we can do so many things about what is going on….at least you guys are
    awakening and realizing that what the govt doing is not right… keep
    researching and you will recieve the truth.

  4. SoulSmackTV says:

    Walk out on mass, EVERYONE!!!, see how quickly they change their policy.
    Without health workers the hospital’s close. Power in numbers, united we

  5. taylorhendrickson1 says:

    i will shoot any one who comes running at me with a flu shot

  6. ilvnyc2 says:

    yes! with GOD we can evern move mountains….we can do anything in this
    world..if everyone came togetther we can defeat this corrupt govt. we can
    do it.

  7. Cheyennebremari says:

    This needs to be stopped, where are our rights anymore? Threatening to
    terminate jobs of those who dont agree to rcv. these innoculations, is so
    horribly wrong! We’ve lost this battle..Its only a matter of time, sad to
    say. What is wrong w/this Mayor/Govenor in N.Y.?

  8. Evil Shred says:

    say hello to my zionist flu:D the new scanners than zionist america
    installed in most airports are nothing but a new way to profile pple…they
    will decide who is fit to live an who’s not..they r preparing for something
    nasty…that underwear bomber was hoax…third world countries has no swine
    flu or mandatory vaccinations..zionist plan failed…depopulation for the
    promise land israel has failed..better luck next time…

  9. kimber202 says:

    Oh good, I see that I can contact Mr. Danes

  10. kimber202 says:

    @kimber202 I cannot believe that it has come to this. Doctors who do not
    test possible H1N1 deaths. I understand not testing every person who comes
    to the Doctor and presents with the flu, but if the patient is admitted to
    the hospital, near death, etc..WHY were they not tested? Does anyone know
    where I can find out why, or who was not tested??

  11. kimber202 says:

    I just heard (2/13, 8:35am PT) on HLN news that 17,000 people have died of
    H1N1 this year, so far. But those numbers are only estimates, because many
    people were not tested for H1N1. The doctors may not even know the patient
    had H1N1, even though testing is recommended for patients with flu like

  12. kobidobidog says:

    I agree. People with those needles are possessed.

  13. Tricky Dicky says:

    Very smart and very slick!

  14. Chris Osborne says:

    Tricky love you man!! Thanks so much and you must let me know when you
    touchh down from the clouds so we can have dinner and drinks??? I do a bit
    too much flying around place in my video but all bar that i am fairly happy
    with it…

  15. Chris Osborne says:

    how funny, weird watching myself on vid….

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