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CBC Jobs Fair in Detroit

by tom44 on May 27, 2013

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DETROIT (Tell Us USA) – Congressman Hansen Clarke, Congressman John Conyers, Jr., 50 plus employers with more than 1000 available positions, and members of …
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WJBK-TV Fox 2 Detroit tells the story of the second delay in Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit’s efforts to bring a proven upscale resale model to a lon…
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8 thoughts on “CBC Jobs Fair in Detroit

  1. Nextonesigned says:

    Now this is a damn shame look at all of those black people and all of them are looking for jobs and they all look like they all came there with proper qualifications? and hopes of finding jobs and they say that we don’t want to work that we won’t do the work that is now being offered to illegals. This is proof that all of black leadership has failed black people.

  2. pennsburyMOM says:

    Looks like only “African Americans” at this job fair. Did others not? get the memo? Is the the makeup of the unemployed population there or what exactly?

  3. pennsburyMOM says:

    What is with the eye rolling Maxie? How can private companies have “accountability” for hiring? That is for government to be accountable.? Everything government touches becomes worse.

  4. Ogta11 says:

    say dat? shit down here discountninjuh lol bet u get fucked up lil dawg

  5. Elesparto says:

    Yes you are correct–they call us Hispanics, Blacks, Native Americans minorities–this is a lie because we are the majority in the world…we? outnumber the so called whites…but yet we are second class to them…we should turn the table around and give them a taste of their own medicine…

  6. vechorik says:

    Maxine Waters is dividing America for her own political gain. She says such things “as blacks and Mexicans must stick together.”

    Anti-immigrant or intelligent? Before you post, search for this YouTube video about? poverty/immigration entitled:

    Immigration by the Numbers — Off the Charts

    it’s short and easy to understand. Do you really think open borders are good for blacks (or any American?)

  7. lilpmac1 says:

    I want to hear more from the city council lady about exactly what she meant by.”what kind of people” will shop there. That statement is disgusting, what poor people lady? or maybe other skin colors? What exactly did she mean. I mean OH MY! They are gonna deal in…wait for it…..CLOTHES! Oh no, those damn clothes dealers, ruining the neighborhoods! Can’t be letting poor working folk buy decent clothes, or a poor single mom be able to afford some decent school clothes! That would be a? travesty!

  8. plomoe666 says:

    Open it in? Detroit

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