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Career Planning : How to Become an Ultrasound Technician

by tom44 on July 22, 2013

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An ultrasound technician must have interpersonal skills and patience, as well as an associate’s degree in diagnostic medical sonography. Choose an area of ul…
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25 thoughts on “Career Planning : How to Become an Ultrasound Technician

  1. lxsvrl09 says:

    I am Interested in becoming a Ultrasound Technician. I am feeling very lost on where to start. Any advice on which school to attend or information you can help me with will be appreciated.? Thank You!!!

  2. Mariamparker says:

    there are no schools in my city or near!!! ugh!?

  3. Alta626 says:

    So was? the program difficult?

  4. ChunmaiRoo says:

    What are the prerequisites? for ultrasound? If there are any. I

  5. 188deon says:

    hey whats up. im going for DSM right now, i would like to know would it be easy for me? to find a job in this field when i graduate?

  6. ultramann007 says:

    It is? important to attend an accredited school, or you may not be allowed to take registry exams.

  7. ultramann007 says:

    An associates degree is not necesssary to become a registered ultrasound technician (sonographer), and is generally a waste of your time and money. I’ve been a sonographer for 25 years. I have a certificate in diagnostic? medical ultrasound, and have been registered by the ARDMS all these years. Employers are not interested in whether you have an associates or a certificate. They are interested in whether or not you are registered by the ARDMS, and in what specialty.

  8. BMWs100ORR says:

    I’ve been a sonographer for 5 years now.I went to college for 4 yours.You WILL need at least 2 years scanning time in Lab and 3 days a week 8hr shifts doing clinical hours.You will need a specific amount of? hours of scanning to sit for the registry boards to be come a ARDMS Registered.The certificate programs are not telling you that part. Ultrasound is one program that should never be accelerated due to all the hands on work.You are liable for finding and missing pathology.Your are the machine

  9. Joe Gabriela says:

    Thanks nice video,? even was thinking to make carrer on ultrasound then i choose phlebotomy .

  10. Chris Prak says:

    Question on the Medical sonography programs in Texas, I see that there are a few programs that offer a AAS degree for? an sonography program compare to a certificate program. I want to know which is perfered by the job market. A certificate program for sonography or a AAS degree for sonography.
    Also any school programs for sonography anybody would recommended for 2yr ultra sound training and accreddition program

  11. SexySabe87 says:

    interesting video, I just moved to sugarland TX from Detroit Mi and Im considering taking classes to be a DMS. The only thing is deciding what school is the best, I know Sanford Brown has a program, an ive heard of a few other schools. Is there anyone here who is in school, or has graduated that can? give me any advice on which school to consider an jus about the field in general?

  12. selena3232 says:

    Just wondering? So I know you’re suppose to go? to this program, but when? After College or what? What degree should I major in to become a Ultrasound Technician, or X ray technician? Can some answer me please

  13. SoSeductive1981 says:

    Just out? of curiousity, what school are you attending? I was informed of Pima Institute in Houston due to the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program being new. I know that have went there and once they graduated, they were hired immediately.

  14. kittysune1 says:

    I was thinking of doing this but I am so scared of the math and physics part guess I need? to hit the books again!

  15. FreeCraze26 says:

    This is definitely a job? that requires patience and communication! I found this video kind of lacking some crucial information, so here’s a great resource about becoming an ultrasound technician and the salary at – ultrasoundtechnicianguide . net

  16. Alex4Lakewood says:

    That one year of scanning is the tough part. Who will hire you to scan their patients, if you have no experience? Receive your training at a school affiliated with a hospital/clinic which will allow you to perform real exams on real patients. Good? Luck.

  17. hotdogdog2 says:

    im really thinking about doing this. im now a sophmore at ASU , i was recently going? to become a civil enginerre but ehh, to much math for me. this seems like a much better enviroment to work in:]

  18. Jannsmith says:

    – Just a word to the wise that there aren’t supposed to be too many jobs for the diagnostic medical sonographer despite what those private overpriced for-profit tech schools proclaim 🙂 Just fyi for anyone that for accredited programs, the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs should have a listing of programs. Please try to attend the? more affordable community college as opposed to those private for-profit schools. Stay well and please do study hard.

  19. MzVan21 says:

    i start my? training this fall sooo excited!!

  20. SouthTexasGal830 says:

    Go for it! There are 6 aspiring male techs in my class. However be sure you go to a school that has ans accredited DMS program. Just because the SCHOOL is accredited does not mean the DMS program is. I am? currently in school for DMS and the school failed to tell me the program was not accredited, however , the graduates from our school have not had any problem getting hired for the most part, maily because they stress vascular so much. Our competitor does not.

  21. IndieFrogStudios says:

    Technologist. Technician? changes your oil.

  22. brandedprincess says:

    @HeyItsRocco: I don’t see anything wrong with? that. Go for it! 🙂

  23. Jessica Gerardi says:

    it’s not technician. it’s a? technologist. there is a difference!

  24. HeyItsRocco says:

    @benngleck. Thank you for? your reply! Thats inspiring.

  25. benngleck says:

    The most sought after ultrasound person here is an old Japanese man because he’s never wrong about the baby’s gender. All of my friends that are pregnant or have had babies here ask for him because he’s the? best! 🙂 No one cares that he’s a guy. 🙂

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