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Capitalist Offering Jobs at Occupy Portland Finds Few Takers

by tom44 on July 10, 2012

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An evil capitalist goes to Occupy Portland looking to help people find work. Most people just pass by. One prospective worker is apparently a felon. Another gentleman declines after asking if the work is from a union. Still, others merely mock the capitalist, or are more concerned with publicizing their marches. Out of the hundreds of people there, most of which complain about being out of work, only about 15 signed up for work.
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3 buses all day actions at seven stops in Portland Oregon on June 30 2011. Good Jobs For All. The Full video from this Bus Trip is 155 minutes long and can now be seen here: Organized by jobs with justice and Alliance for Democracy websites Stop #1 Koch Brothers, Georgia Pacific, Inland Boatmen’s Union ILWU (IBU) Stop #2 Hotel Employees Restaurant Employees at Vancouver Hilton, UNITE-HERE Local 9 Stop #3 State of Oregon, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503 Walk by of the picket of Metro by American Federation of State County and Municipal Workers (AFSCME) Local 3580 Stop #4 Earl Blumenauer’s office, “vote NO on the Korea, Panama and Columbia Free Trade Agreements. The paper chain is signed by all 150 participants with their unions. Stop #5 Multnomah County AFSCME Local 88 Stop #6 Emanuel Hospital, SEIU Local 49 Stop #7 Dosha Salon Spa, Communication Workers of America (CWA) Local 7901
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30 thoughts on “Capitalist Offering Jobs at Occupy Portland Finds Few Takers

  1. Ironweasel16 says:

    It was touching to see the few guys who geniuanly seemed interested in working. To bad 99% of these people r just damn dirty hippies who just? want a free ride while causing trouble just for trouble’s sake.

  2. LaughingAtLiberals says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful and polite reply. However, I don’t? recall mentioning “god” or religion in these comments?

  3. GamesOfEnepic says:

    God? sucks my dick.

  4. LaughingAtLiberals says:

    Perhaps you should change your moniker from “minarchist” to something else more fitting? Minarchy is much more in line? with anarcho capitalism and voluntaryism and has roots in pure capitalism.

  5. LaughingAtLiberals says:

    And oh yeah, 90% of those green jobs in? Spain are now gone.

  6. LaughingAtLiberals says:

    Uhmmm, are you not aware of the problems Spain has been having? They are in the process of going forward with a big EU bailout. They currently have an unemployment rate of 24%. They were also one of the leaders in “green jobs”, and for every “green? job” created, they lost 3 jobs, and at an average cost of $750,000 per job, with the peak being $1.3 million to create each “wind industry” job. Spain, the model example for progress!

  7. tlessmo says:

    If everyone were employeed they could shop at a small businesses and encourage their friends to as well. And how is that the fault of big business? They would be sued by share holders if they didn’t take advantage of every business opportunity available to them. See what happens when the government gets involved? Finally just where do you think the greedy money comes from? You! Consumers like yourself are who pay the ceo’s salary. You’re on youtube and use google the? biggest of their industry.

  8. murgatroid8 says:

    Great!. A handful of jobs. I would have happily taken one.

    Will it fix the environment? No
    Will it stop the wars? No
    Will it help create a real democracy? No
    Will it make a dent in the? broader problem of unemployment and poverty? No.

    All these problems are the PRODUCT of capitalism, caused by internal contradictions such as superfluousness of labor, the profitability of scarcity etc etc.

    Stop thinking jobs will solve our problems. they wont.

  9. lionel21000 says:

    They don’t want work, all they want is hand outs.? Occupy = communism fail.

  10. seankealiher says:

    Well you can do what people in spain have already beeing doing. Have a community based system, not necesarily communism but still a community based culture of sharing goods and treating everyone equally? ect.

  11. seankealiher says:

    Capitalism is the problem pure and simple. I am happy volunteering my time? as a martial arts instructor and pan handling on corners

  12. Strapnigga says:

    Let’s walk through this occupy/anti-capitalist path to it’s end point. Let’s say capitalism is replaced, what then? Is nobody going to have to work? Is everyone going to be magically equal? Will there be no “elite”? Will everyone have more stuff/money? I invite to think about this, and not just spout off what you already know, do some research and see what happens. The French Revolution, or? the Bolshevik Revolution would be good starting points for research on this topic.

  13. PrevailVideos says:

    Capitalism is? self-directed teamwork. That doesn’t work if you take out the motivation. Stop them from being enabled (social programs or parents enabling) watch them flock to work.

  14. DirtyRed703 says:

    this is awesome

  15. fastheinz039 says:

    “I hope I’m? not selling out.” Too funny.

  16. voteforcanman says:

    I would love some part time work on weekends. I have a 9-5 job actually 8-4 but you get the drift. Would love to work after my job or weekends. Please contact me if? this is for NYC.

  17. SaveAmericasLiberty says:

    Great video I agree 100% if people would get off the LAZY ases the country would be in alot better shape. Any money beats no? money.

  18. Krusual says:

    Do they do this because they can’t find jobs? or rather they don’t want a job…?

  19. Feeltheh8 says:

    I agree, 4 dollars for coffee is ridiculous, also these guys that walk around with Ipads and expensive cell phone plans need to? cut that before they can say the government f*cked them. Some however did get f*cked by the government, and the others who waste make a bad name for The Occupy movement.

  20. Zepppster says:

    They complain about not being able to get jobs, but when offered jobs they turn them down… Welcome? to the whiney and picky generation.

  21. tommy8ball2007 says:

    He might have got a warmer? response if it wasn’t such an obvious attempt at trolling.

  22. kuec830 says:

    I like this? video, but I can see where someone might point out a flaw: This video doesn’t prove much, especially since there is the possibility that these protesters already have jobs. How would you respond to that counterargument?

  23. codyace says:

    So he can’t use? his first amendment rights to exclude comments? He’s not forced to accept what you say you do know that right?

  24. mrsmelzbad says:

    I offered my sisters.spoiled ex-college student son, and a? friends boy, job’s making $30 per hour….They turned it down to move to NY Shitty, so they could protest against evil rich people………. Im at a loss for words,…pretty sure America is beyond saving now. Since when did working a honest day for $ become taboo ?

  25. orangemod says:

    I keep seeing Maynerd Krebbs going? “WORK!!!!”

  26. outlaw525irs says:

    I wanted to say THANKS to everyone that helped? that day. It was funny to see my managers face when everyone stormed into his office. The MORE money we make them, the LESS they want to pay us. The Kock brothers make me sick!!

  27. PamelaRP says:

    Thanks for posting this video of how bad it really is here and the hard work you are doing fighting for the rights? of the unemployed. We are in a depression and we are being blamed for all these cuts and losing our jobs when our evil government passed NAAFTA that eliminated thousands and thousands of jobs especially entry level ones. You guys are the only ones that care in this town. TVR does not care and says it is your falt for being unemployed and so does the Workforce Employment Department.

  28. PamelaRP says:

    Thank God for you guys fighting for the rights of the unemployed. Next month it has been two years that I have not? had a job. I have 18 years of call center experience and know computers like the back of my hand and have a 4 year Accounting degree and cannot get ANY kind of job. Workers have no rights here in this town and call center after call center has outsourced and left people with no work including me. I try hard and have skills yet people say that it is not good. Thank you guys!!!

  29. PamelaRP says:

    Great video and thank god for fighting for the rights of the unemployed. I am a victim of outsourcing and have not been able to get ANY kind of a job for 2? years. I have NO record and want to work and not be on welfare. This state is a At WILL state and feel workers have no rights here. All the call centers are gone because our minimum wage is way too high and all the call centers are pretty much gone here. I will have to leave-things are way too bad here and I have no rights to get a job!!!!

  30. idholen1 says:

    What a great video !! It really shows how sophisticated Jobs with Justice is becoming not only in organizing workers, but in recording and editing with the video camera to get the message out, as? well !!

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