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Can you take two majors in high school or college?

by tom44 on July 29, 2013

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Question by ecoemo: Can you take two majors in high school or college?
I was thinking of taking majors at information technology and relativity physics just to get a better chance at my career in the future. If I either don’t get a chance in one of the careers, for example, information technology jobs, I’d like to try for physics jobs. Is that possible?

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Answer by Ameila

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4 thoughts on “Can you take two majors in high school or college?

  1. drip says:

    In the US, you do not pick a major for high school.
    Yes you can double major in college. If you want a physics job, then major in physics. A major in physics or math is going to get your further than IT

  2. MVR says:

    Yes it’s possible, but VERY difficult, especially if no classes overlap (there won’t be any majors-specific classes that count for both IT and relativity physics). If you plan on being in college for 5 or 6 years at least, or you are very intelligent and hard-working, then you can pull it off, but it is not for the faint of heart!

  3. unknownsoldiertb says:

    idk what high school you might be attending but we dont have any majors in high for college, as far as i know you can only take one major and then you can add on some minors

  4. eri says:

    High schools do not have majors. You just take the classes you need to get into college – English, history, math, languages, science. You need at least one major in college, and you can pick two (some colleges let you take more than two). Information technology is not always offered at every school, and ‘relativity physics’ is not a major. Physics is a major, and you’d take maybe one class on special relativity as an undergrad.

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