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Can someone tell me from experience if obtaining my Associates in Psychology is worth it?

by tom44 on January 22, 2014

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Question by CHARMIN: Can someone tell me from experience if obtaining my Associates in Psychology is worth it?
I really cant choose between Psychology or Medical office admin. I love both, I want to be able to land a job really easily and I want to make alot of money. I have researched alot of websites already but I just want to hear from people who actually have taken either course or know someone who has. Just to add Im taking the courses through Univ. of Phoenix.

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Answer by cristy
well…you are already in university, so I would go with Psychology.

It is a good base to many other studies and most likely you could use the credits to transfer into further studies.

Otherwise, I would have suggested to get into the Medical Office Administration, get a job and that would allow you to continue your studies while supporting yourself

actually, I believe Phoenix U gives you a lot of flexibility…maybe you should approach the Dean of students or their Registrars

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One thought on “Can someone tell me from experience if obtaining my Associates in Psychology is worth it?

  1. jannsody says:

    Please look into schools other than university of phoenix which is one of those online, for-profit schools (though may have ‘brick and mortar’ buildings and may be ‘accredited’) including penn foster, ashworth, devry, ITT tech, sanford brown, argosy, capella, everest, remington, ashwood, kaplan, ashford, high tech, walden, colorado tech, keiser and others as they are merely out to ‘make a profit’ (and course credits may Not transfer to other schools): and can search.

    It’s a much better idea to consider the more traditional university or community college. An associate degree in psychology is really like getting an associate’s in liberal arts degree with some psychology courses 😉 I’m not sure if there would be a fieldwork component. Most jobs in psychology require, at least, a master’s (about six years of college, if attend on a full-time basis) degree but more so a doctorate (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) degree.

    Some community colleges offer an associate’s in ‘human services’ which is basically like a two-year degree in social work though not many jobs to choose from either. The ‘human services’ degree may have a fieldwork/internship component which is like on-the-job learning while still a student. Most actual social workers need, at least, a master’s degree (MSW) with the clinical fieldwork (actual patient caseload under strict supervision) experience included in the degree requirements. Please be aware that social workers, however, don’t usually make a lot of money and people usually have a passion for the mental health/social services field since it (and the nursing field) tends to have a high burn-out rate.

    For general career info: and can search ‘human services assistants’, ‘social workers’, ‘secretaries and administrative assistants’ or whatever other career that piques one’s interest.

    US colleges:

    For possible volunteer opportunities (and perhaps for a crisis helpline):

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