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Can Someone give me ideas I’m 22 have a Bachelor’s Degree and Looking for a job in L.A or San Diego?

by tom44 on November 26, 2013

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Question by Marc: Can Someone give me ideas I’m 22 have a Bachelor’s Degree and Looking for a job in L.A or San Diego?
Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Management and Associates in Network and Systems Administration
I have roughly 3.5years experience in sales and customer service and my last position I worked as a Sales Assistant Manager which I was recently laid off from. I live in Sacramento, live w/parents for past 3 months and want to move out on own again and need a dream because I feel as if I’m just applying everywhere because I’m not working only receiving unemployment and Food stamps. I really want to do sometype of technical or investigative type work where I am traveling. L.A. there are more jobs and more opportunities, so any places that I can apply for people that live down there or no any company’s that” hire someone like me?

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Answer by nycmasterplumber
As a Business owner I must say when the Bama was elected and said “spread the wealth” I fired all 22 of my employees and hired strictly part timers figuring Pelosi, Feinstein and Madam boxer would give people free food (stamps) No income housing , free medical and all I have to do is hire people with green cards

This has worked out amazingly well as most foreigners really appreciate the opportunity to work.

Look at Detroit and how the inhabitants there not only depended on a very corrupt city government to take care of them and the unions thought they had a bottomless pit when it came to pay increases

I recently invested over $ 500.000 in China manufacturing cast iron products as manufacturing in the USA is not a viable option with EPA /Unions and politicians robbing this country blind with one term retirement and unlimited health care. You best bet is find a more productive nation and wait for Pelosi and her cronies to die before we are a profitable nation again “Spread the wealth” “yes we can” and attacking and killing our fellow “citizens of the world” is not very cost effective

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