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Can she get more child support?

by tom44 on September 13, 2013

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Question by Roseanna Ray: Can she get more child support?
My husband pays over $ 600 a month child support to his ex wife, for his son, along with insurance and half of medical bills as per their child custody arrangement as the non-custodial parent. he recently was promoted and it only gave him a $ 3000 per year raise. His ex wife somehow assumes that he was given a much more significant raise because he was promoted and that she is due that money. She says she is going to sue for more child support, even though he has told her his raise was not significant. Can she really get much more child support from a $ 3000 a year raise and would it even be worth it for her to try? (for state info purposes on this question,We live in Charleston, SC. ) Let me also state that she has remarried as well and lives quite a luxurious lifestyle, while we only have a fraction of their income. She herself does not have a job, never has had one, and lives off her new husband’s money. Nothing has changed in the circumstances of the child since the divorce either. He is well taken care of and wants for nothing.
Thanks for the answers. It has only been a little over a year since the original child support agreement.

Best answer:

Answer by RobertE
Hello in Charleston!
It doesn’t sound fair, but yes, she can ask for more child support due to his income increase. However, as you stated, she will probably be very disappointed in the amount of increase.
Also, I’m afraid her husband’s income is not relevant to child support. If she herself were working, her income would be taken into the equation, but her husband’s income has nothing to do with it.
I can honestly say that $ 600 a month, plus insurance and medical seems pretty high, but it was based on your husband’s income at the time of the divorce, so it’s not for me to place a question.
I can understand you questioning her rights due to the differences in living arrangements, but the circumstances as they are stand pat.
Hope this helps you understand although I know it’s not what you wanted to hear. Sorry.

Additional info:
I don’t see as how you and your husband have anything to worry about. As I mentioned earlier, the raise amount given to your husband will not make that much of a difference in child support. The worst part will be having to go through the nonsense, due to a selfish, spiteful, and apparently vindictive woman! Apparently, no matter how much she has it’s never good enough for her satisfaction! I would also say that by her actions, she is not happy in her new husband either! Just tell your husband to thank his lucky stars he got away!
Sorry about the son however. This can’t be easy for him either.
Good luck and try not to let this effect the two of you. She nor the money is worth it!

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One thought on “Can she get more child support?

  1. jusjokin12 says:

    When was the last time any modification was done? If it was over two yrs she could very well ask for another one. But now if one has not been done since she remarried she maybe in for a surprise as her current living conditions will show that her lifestyle allows for her percentage of support will be higher as well. Usually the courts request a modification if income increases over 15% of what it was before. Now have you and your husband had any children together? If so the percentage will also be affected by that as well. See a good family attorney as they can explain all the better. But from what you say I think his ex will be in for a shocker as she may end up with less than she gets now. She is under the illusion that her not working exempts her from child support also. It doesn’t and won’t. LOL

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