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can i still get a job as a cna in chicago?

by tom44 on November 2, 2012

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Question by cocoa 4: can i still get a job as a cna in chicago?
I recently was convicted of a assault and battery charge i had a simple fight with a lady although she hit me first and i came over her house so since i was on her property she pressed charges for coming over on her property i was their to confront her on a situation not fight. anyway im now stuck with a misdeameanor assault and battery which i pleaded guilty to because i had no witnesses and i was on her property. i am devastated because i have always been a good law abiding citizen, can i get a job still in my field of cna plebotomy home health care this has been my livelihood for over 10 years and i really want to stick with it

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Answer by Susan m
Was it a felony? They ususally ask if you have been convicted of a felony when you fill out a job application. It sounds like you were only convicted of a misdermeanor.

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