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Can I panhandle in DC?

by tom44 on June 8, 2014

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Question by alex51891: Can I panhandle in DC?
First of all, I am not lazy and I had a job before I got struck with medical problems. My family ran into unforeseen circumstances and we are barely getting by (my dad had 5 heart attacks 🙁 and im struggling to finish my online education due to being unable to pay for my classes and im in dire debt. I cannot work a job due to my current medical condition and have no other way to make any money to help my family out. I was wondering, is panhandling legal in Washington DC? I know aggresive panhandling is illegal, but just sitting at a corner with a cup, is that legal?

Thank you! If I can scrape by 5$ a day that would go a long way to help me and my family.

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Answer by Vegetarian Yo, Its The Way To Go
Walmart hires. Work for them. You can still work…..

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3 thoughts on “Can I panhandle in DC?

  1. Arlonomeade says:

    I have seen lots of people do that near Union Station. I once gave one $ 40, so you should be able to make quite a bit if you position yourself between Union Station and the Senate office buildings.

  2. carey says:

    Yeah it’s legal, but at least do something cool like play music or dance or some shit. You will have a lot of competition.

  3. Willie Clark says:

    my fiance just got her sign taken and her inf taken for panhandling and was told it was illegal

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