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Can I deduct travel expenses to get to work?

by tom44 on January 11, 2014

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Question by Chris S: Can I deduct travel expenses to get to work?
I fly weekly and stay in a hotel for 4 nights with rental car for work. I live in Minneapolis with my family where my wife works and now I work in Milwaukee and have to be there each week. I spend about $ 600 a week commuting to work. I am wondering if I can expense that from my taxes.

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Answer by the tax lady
When you accepted a permanent job, you tax home moved. This is called commuting and not deductible.

The exception is if the job was temporary, expected to last less than a year and actually does last less than a year. (And even then, you are easily audited and subject to AMT.)

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3 thoughts on “Can I deduct travel expenses to get to work?

  1. falsi fiable says:

    No. It’s your choice to live far from work.

  2. garyg7 says:

    If this is your “permanent” job location, then your travel is called commuting. No matter how much you spend on commuting, it isn’t deductible.

    If your employer has asked you to work in Milwaukee for a few months, then the expenses are deductible but are in a class of deductions that must exceed 2% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) before you get a tax benefit. Also, if your income is high enough, you may be taxed under the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) system. Under the AMT, miscellaneous itemized deductions such as unreimbursed employee business expenses aren’t deductible. If your employer has asked you to work temporarily in Milwaukee, you are better off if you get the company to reimburse your expenses.

    I hope this helps.

  3. tro says:

    if this is a temporary, short term, less than a year position the expenses you incur for lodging, transportation, meals and other incidentals are deductible for this temporary position
    commuting expenses are never deductible

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