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Can anyone tell me what the outlook is for certified nurse aides in Chicago?

by tom44 on September 24, 2012

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Question by MJR: Can anyone tell me what the outlook is for certified nurse aides in Chicago?
I’ve done college coursework in various areas and need a break. I’m planning a re-location to Chicago and have my CNA but am curious about CNA wages and job availability. Some of the the jobs I’ve seen are severely underpaid, and I’m hoping this isn’t the norm.
I understand that all CNAs are underpaid, I’m looking for an actual numeric pay range for CNAs in Chicago.

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Answer by Mickey F
Sorry to burst your bubble, but most CNA’s are underpaid. That’s why they have such a big turnover,especially at Nursing Homes. The schools advertised on TV turn out so many CNA’s and Medical Assistants that it floods the market. They did it with Emergency Medical Technicians for years, and it keeps the salaries low, especially in Private Ambulance Services. In other words CNA’s are a dime a dozen. Use it as a stepping stone to LPN/RN, and make some real $ $ $ . Good Luck.

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