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Can anyone tell me about Buckhannon WV?

by tom44 on March 3, 2013

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Question by Thomas P: Can anyone tell me about Buckhannon WV?
My family and i are or might be moving up there soon, if my hubby gets this job with Weather-ford in Jane Lue, i want to know a little info on that area, we have 2 son’s both young, my oldest will be starting school soon as am i i want to know if there are good schools around for my son and i , pre school and a medical school, is it a good place to raise kids, are there family things to do there? Safe from crime?? Thanks, any info will be helpful.

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Answer by tom92117
Sounds like a quaint little town. Crime stats look pretty calm. Only one murder and 14 rapes in the past 10 years. Average paychecks are a little low. Not too many young people around. Sounds and looks like Mayberry on the Andy Grifffith Show.

I’ve been to West Virginia and I remember it being really green with a lot of rolling hills. Very nice. I think we visited Wheeling when we were there.

The only college for you would be Wesleyan. Couldn’t find out any information on the schools for the kids. Sounds like an okay place to live. It’s just really far from a big city if you require their types of goods and services.

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One thought on “Can anyone tell me about Buckhannon WV?

  1. Amanda H says:

    I live in Buckhannon, it is about 25 minutes or less from Jane Lew. Jane Lew is in Lewis County and we are in Upshur County. There are several preschools to choose from – the Child Development Center is one. There are Pre-Ks and Head Start programs as well if you qualify.

    West Virginia Wesleyan College is here in Buckhannon and offers a lot of activities and things to do for the public. We also have Fred Eberle Technical Center which has a nursing program. We are close to several other colleges as well with different programs – Davis and Elkins, Alderson-Broaddus, Fairmont State, etc. It depends on what medical field you want to get into. Crime is low and mostly drug or petty theft related. People are very friendly here. There is limited shopping but we are close enough to Clarksburg which has a mall and lots of big-chain stores.
    Even Morgantown and Charleston aren’t that far away for Saturday shopping.
    There is a river walk trail beside the college, great place to go walking or have the kids ride their bike. There is Stockert Youth Center with kid-friendly things to do. In the summer, the pool is open up at the high school.

    I hope that answers your questions. If you want more info, let me know.

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