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Can anyone help with a documentary idea?

by tom44 on October 16, 2013

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Question by stardustworld: Can anyone help with a documentary idea?
I’m not actually making the docmentary – just writing the script for a class. I live in Memphis, so it needs to be accessible – nothing where there’s travel involved. Is there anything about Memphis you’d be interested in watching? Is there anything around here – issues, places, people, events that you can think of? I’m wracking my brain but so far I can’t seem to find anything useful.

Best answer:

Answer by It’s That Guy Phil
In respect to what you’re asking, my suggestion is to not ask others what they want to see. Especially if this is your first documentary. Stick to a subject that you already know, and know well, or are able to really put time and effort into for your own homework and study of the subject.

Memphis is a goldmine of things to talk about. If you are “wracking your brains” trying to think of something, you are probably not ready to be making a documentary. It should come naturally to you, and be a subject of interest and passion that you care about.

The question is – What do YOU want to see on screen and learn about. This way, you get to study while filming, and you share that study with others, by making it interesting to them as well. It could be about toenails or dirt clods. Your job is to make the subject interesting.

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One thought on “Can anyone help with a documentary idea?

  1. PMKSKY says:

    You can all the answers you need right from where you are for this idea: How was Memphis involved in the Civil War?
    Was there a battle there and if so, who fought there….if not, how many solders from Memphis fought in the war…
    How many people died there…..
    Was Memphis Yankee or Confederate territory….and why were they fighting to abolish or keep slavery in Memphis…what was at steak….plantations, propriety?????

    good luck

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