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Can a Forensic Scientist work 2 different fields?

by tom44 on January 12, 2014

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Question by : Can a Forensic Scientist work 2 different fields?
If someone say for example earns a degree from double majoring in biology and chemistry and minored in computer forensics and earns certifications, completed internships and has done research projects in all 3 areas, will he be able to work his talents when needed for all 3 fields? Or would he HAVE to strictly work one?

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Answer by ornery and mean
When the forensic scientist applies for a job with the department they would list all of their certifications and diplomas. The department would know that they have talents that are useful to the department, but not strictly requirements for the opening. These additional talents make the candidate more likely to get that job.

Simple example. The department is looking for a specialist in toxicology … so they start interviewing chemists. They find a few good qualified chemists that would make great members of the team, but they are specialist in Chemistry … no other talents the department might find useful. Then they interview someone with certifications in Chemistry, Biology, and computer technology … and they speak Spanish and Korean in addition to English.

Who do you think is getting hired? I’d say it was the dude with the major talents! Maybe they bring that candidate on board as a Chemist … but they would certainly consult that person on matters of computer technology or Biology. The department might even use them as an interpreter or translator if they needed one.

If you got the talents, your department will use them, even if they are not strictly talents that work in your job description.

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