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Can a Florida girl handle one day of Minneapolis weather. Wind?

by tom44 on May 15, 2013

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Question by legalearthangel: Can a Florida girl handle one day of Minneapolis weather. Wind?
I’m planning on visiting Minneapolis the first week of March. I live in Florida and we freeze when it hits 50 degrees much less freezing. Is it also windy ontop of the freezing cold? Will I be ok on public transit? Do you get blizzards? Should I worry about getting snowed in?

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Answer by J.M.H.O.
To be honest, it is going to be unbelievably cold feeling for you. Dress in layers, bring your heaviest sweaters, boots and coat. If you don’t own a coat suitable for freezing and below, borrow one. Do NOT try to wait for public transit without a good coat, gloves, a hat and boots. It is windy but blizzards are rare in March. It is unlikely you will get snowed in so it is pointless to worry about it. Worry more about getting a very good coat and boots.

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2 thoughts on “Can a Florida girl handle one day of Minneapolis weather. Wind?

  1. Wanderlust says:

    It can be windy in Mpls, but you will be fine. One of my friends moved from Kissimmee to Mpls for a job last year. She said she had to overhaul her wardrobe and get a good heavy coat, hat and boots.

    But it’s a great, very fun city! If you’re dressed for the weather, I think you’ll have a fabulous time!

  2. mattk3650 says:

    i sure hope u can handle it, in mn we wear t-shirts when its 50, besides right now florida is actually colder (wierd i thought my friend was joking then i saw the news)

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