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CADFY: just another group of Sacramento lobbyists

by tom44 on August 27, 2012

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The Community Alliance of Drug Free Youth are not lobbying for youth or against drugs, but for drug war jobs. The War on Drugs has failed, but those that make their money off of the war are not going down without a fight. They are lobbying against common sense regulation of cannabis in California, and using your children as emotional pawns to keep their jobs.
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10 thoughts on “CADFY: just another group of Sacramento lobbyists

  1. CrAnSi says:

    To funny @ 1:00, is that short guy rolling his eyes? at his buddies words of wisdom?

  2. turtleland420 says:

    to be honest i know parents’ biggest worry with pot (legal or not) is that their kids will slip in school and not go to university and have to settle for a McJob. The reality is there are so many other factors at? play. I have a friend who’s daughter was brilliant in elementary school, but started slipping when she got into high school, failed classes and missed a lot of time. She never touched weed, but was on the internet 10 hrs a day. And I know university grads who blaze often.

  3. JoeDaPlumber says:

    I have smoked weed many times but honestly it? doesn’t work for me. I don’t get the same high as from cigarettes. Weed is as harmless as a Barney doll

  4. kinesis420 says:

    The opposition to legalization is? a complete joke and they are completely delusional! They might as well save their money!

  5. 13CLT13 says:

    yea i think they are..since smoking weed automatically makes you a drug addict >=/ thats sooo stupid…the are more ppl dying from all other drugs even the legal ones than marijuana..why is it still illegal??? it doesnt? make you violent and u are more creative…

  6. 13CLT13 says:

    since when is marijuana dangerous? the only reason its dangerous because its illegal and the smallest amount can send u to jail..thats the only reason!!!?

  7. trev98rt says:

    Actually, I think a majority of Americans ARE in favor of? ending marijuana prohibition. I just think that most are too afraid to say so. It’s a slow hard journey getting people to jump off the reefer madness bandwagon, we all just have to stick in there.


  8. copcorona says:

    Look at the the public opinion polls on legalizing marijuana @ Gallup polls. IF the trends continue in 4 years a majority of Americans will be in favor of? ending prohibition. These guys know their days of terrorizing the public are over.

  9. theeeees says:

    Good point, but the? goofy fx are unnecessary.

  10. Chankoff says:

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