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Building a New Chicago

by tom44 on March 9, 2013

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Mayor Emanuel is announcing a billion, three year infrastructure program, Building a New Chicago, which is one of the largest investments in infrastructure in the City’s history. The program will touch nearly every aspect of the city’s infrastructure network and create more than 30000 jobs over the next three years. Building a New Chicago is one of the most comprehensive infrastructure plans in Chicago’s history, involving an unprecedented level of coordination between City Hall, multiple city departments and sister agencies, private sector utilities, and the public. These investments will not involve taxes increases.
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5 thoughts on “Building a New Chicago

  1. anthony lopez says:

    this pim is going to fuck his all ?

  2. KarenMllr says:

    Be glad there is? someone in that office that wants to revitalize the city and make it stronger. Keep up the good work Rahm.

  3. MrScalleywagg says:

    Great job? Rham!

  4. vonveezil2 says:

    So going by the “Chicago way” of doing things, then this 7 billion? will end up costing 14 billion. Rahm needs his kickback, and all the departments need their kickback. Then there’s the graft and corruption of doling out the bids to their chronies.Maybe 20 billion if you really think about it. I’m willing to bet when Rahm retires from being Mayor he will be an even richer man.

  5. depro9 says:

    What a joke, our city looks like Detroit but with people still living in the decay. What a bunch of public relations BS this video is. ?

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