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Breast Augmentation TUBA by Dr Charles Mok Allure Medical Spa Detroit, Michigan

by tom44 on July 6, 2013

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TUBA (Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation) by Dr Charles Mok, Allure Medical Spa.

Graduation day and 50 trainee paramedics celebrate making it through eight tough weeks of theory assessment at College. They’ve earned the right to hit the r…
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24 thoughts on “Breast Augmentation TUBA by Dr Charles Mok Allure Medical Spa Detroit, Michigan

  1. divemedic1000 says:

    OH my god, are you seriously bagging a alert and breathing pt? In Florida paramedic training is 12-18 months, EMTS train for 4 months. Every Paramedic here would? qualify as doctors there

  2. Captain Conner says:

    that 25 year old showing dat ass! lol ?

  3. ABDUL-HADI thug says:

    this is very good i’m learning, from saudi? arabia love u guys

  4. dogeatme says:

    It’s now often a 3 year degree then 1 year on road to then be? a qualified paramedic.

  5. Ian Parsons says:

    So, what is the order of training for paramedics? 8 weeks intense training then on road and then learn as you? go?

  6. EvitalovesThings says:

    Ambo? sounds like an other name for lesbian lol

  7. teddyzen09 says:

    BVM on a conscious pt is? soo inappropriate, by the way she reacts shes conscious enough for me.

  8. Hunted Tiger says:

    a bvm at 10 lpm is required as? per training for septic shock. or in her case a temperature of above 40 C

  9. Casey Tadjiyev says:

    Umm no sorry you’re wrong. These people just applied from? off the street, and got in, did an 8 week induction program then were allowed on the road. They then switch between on road training and classroom training for 3 years before they become qualified paramedic. If somebody does a 3 year degree in paramedicine, they then become a graduate paramedic and after 1 year become fully qualified. They never return back to classroom training. I would know, I’m doing the degree 🙂

  10. DieToW1n says:

    But? please keep in mind these numbers reflect a typical salary which would INCLUDE overtime.

  11. DieToW1n says:

    From what I have seen pay can very GREATLY depending on which part of Australia you live in. But typical pay is between 75-85k, so you can expect to make between 60-100k? as a safe way to say…

    So max salary, I would say can push 110-120, but that is opinion.

  12. xxIOSDroiDxx says:

    Does any one know what the max salary of paramedics? in Australia is?

  13. stakejakey24 says:

    I go to st john paramedic cadet and they cut. Your colthe to give air to your. Body is worn the keep you warm? into your body. So that why

  14. ryanl06 says:

    Her temperature was so high that they need to do everything to? cool her down

  15. Jackie Vizcaya says:

    Why did they cut her pants with the 25 year old.. What did that have to do with anything??

  16. Ignacio Flores says:

    Hey guys, I’m 15 years old (Highschool student), I’m currently a volunteer firefighter, and my calling is to become a paramedic one day. If anyone reading this has experience, or is currently a paramedic, please contact me through email. I don’t know how difficult this job may be, what courses I should take in highschool, what kind of collage I should be aiming for, or what kind of job experience I should have before even considering to take? EMT training. Please help.

  17. Ben Asack says:

    I just looked it up. NSW Paramedics are equivalent to EMT-I. They can? give all the meds except sedatives and a few others. They CANNOT intubation or do chricothyrotamys. They can’t do needle decompression. The s

  18. Indigo Lily says:

    Yeah, absolutely? you can. 🙂

  19. Indescribe18 says:

    I want to know if you resign from being? a paramedic can you then go into nursing?

  20. kayamar says:

    Bahah. I love that instructor who faked a heart attack.? A great lesson and also a great gag.

  21. Misercz says:

    Only 3 years?? 0.o’

  22. knoxy248 says:

    ambos dont? do ride alongs until you have Graduated the 8 week program

  23. Matt Brown says:

    they have gone through 3? years in medic school and then the 8 week program and it seems like this is the first time they have ever seen the road. do they not do ride alongs?

  24. Miroslav Peric says:

    It would be a shame if you did not melt fat when these? normal people accomplish it easily using “Fat Blast Formula” (go google it).

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