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boston jobs?

by tom44 on September 1, 2012

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Question by see_ya: boston jobs?
is it hard to find a job in boston?
how much would i make with a B.S. in social sciences
social work or counseling in boston?
a. not enough money to survive
b. pretty decent
c. better than ok
d. great income

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Answer by
Jobs in general are hard to find. Any city will allow you for better chance to find employement. I would check out the jobs section on craigslist as they have a good amount of postings each day.

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One thought on “boston jobs?

  1. Dr_Adventure says:

    There is no such thing as a BS in counseling – there are only MA degrees.

    With a BS in social work you can expect to make 20-40K (in Boston closer to the 40K level)

    With a BS in social science it really depends on what you do with it – if you go into business you should make a bit more than a social worker to start.


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