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Best place to raise a family in florida?

by tom44 on May 31, 2013

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Question by oakland002: Best place to raise a family in florida?
We live in Minneapolis, mn , and are thinking of someday moving to florida.
Just wondering what city in Florida would be the best place to raise a family?

Like: affordable housing.
easy to find and get job
Low crime rate
Quite town or neighborhoods
outdoor activities (fishing,parks)
Friendly people (open minded)

Dislike: big city with traffic jam, constructions, racist (the dead silent in the air and staring at you)

City we kind of look at :

Best answer:

Answer by Cathi K

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2 thoughts on “Best place to raise a family in florida?

  1. R P says:

    Anywhere in Brevard County (the Space Coast)

    The people there are friendly, much more so than the people who live in the larger cities. The housing is very affordable now but employment can be scarce due to the space center laying off thousands of people

  2. kadel says:

    Tampa and Clearwater have affordable housing, but jobs depend on your qualifications. If you are in the medical field or IT there are jobs. If you are in construction, there are no jobs. They also have a shortage of skilled machinists. If you have no skills, there are no jobs. If you have no skills, I suggest you get training so you have something to offer an employer. Check out your community college. Tampa is very open minded. The City outlaws discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gives benefits to domestic partners and has a domestic registry so that unmarried couples can register to make medical decisions for each other. It is also tolerant of racial and ethnic differences-it is a big melting pot.

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