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Best Place to Live in North Carolina?

by tom44 on April 17, 2013

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by dbking

Question by WestLand: Best Place to Live in North Carolina?
Well, my mom wants my family and I to move. So she says we have to move to North.C, she wants to move to Durham?

Hows the schools there? which ones the best township area to live in cause i searched them and theres different highscools depending on where in the city u live in i guess. so a little help would be nice!


Best answer:

Answer by rob1977nc
Well, people have varying opinions on Durham. I live in the city next to it, Raleigh and I enjoy spending time in both.
Raleigh is bigger but Durham has a very unique scene. It was once an old industrial/manufacturing blue-collar city but that has changed into a more bio-medical, and computer-tech oriented job base.

Durham sometimes gets a bad rap because the area east of downtown does have a few “ghetto”-type areas. But anyone who really knows the city knows that the majority of Durham is a fine place and that those bad neighborhoods are actually quite secluded from the rest of the city. (Same goes for here in Raleigh.) Durham has a lot of diversity and culture…and large universities add to that. It’s a very arts-friendly city too.

I don’t know what you mean by township…we really don’t have that here. NC is divided into counties. The city of Durham is in Durham County.
Schools in North Carolina are run by the counties…not the cities or towns. Durham County schools are pretty decent…probably not the best in the state but they hold their own. You probably want to pay attention to the neighborhood you move to if you move there, to make sure you get the best schools.

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