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Best Place to Live and work Knoxville Tennessee

by tom44 on November 3, 2014

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8 thoughts on “Best Place to Live and work Knoxville Tennessee

  1. summer of 6 AG dolls says:

    i used to live in Knoxville tennessee 🙂 but then we moved 🙁 but i wanna
    move back when i get old enough its really cool?

  2. Dave Simkus says:

    What age group dominates the area? Also, how are the roads for fun driving?
    Also, how are the winters? Up North here it gets terribly cold so I would
    guess it’s more rainy in Tennessee during winter and less snow??

  3. Raegan Dooley says:

    This picture quality is really bad…. but nice otherwise?

  4. Wanderson Borges says:

    going to live there in november!!!!!?

  5. Jim Hedrick says:

    While in The Smokies remember Pigeon Forge, TN has the greatest shows you
    can imagine. The Comedy Barn Theater offers a clean country flavored comedy
    show guaranteed belly laughs for the whole family. The Hatfield & McCoy
    Dinner Show has the best all you can eat meal as well as an entertaining
    evening of the very best music, dancing, and hilarity all loosely tied to
    the famous feud. If you love variety The Smoky Mountain Opry is not to be
    missed. From the dazzling lights, special effects, The most amazing talant
    ever to hit the Smoky Mountains is in this theater. From classic country to
    timeless standards this show also features Magic rare exotic animals and so
    much more. It’s not your Granparents Opry ands certainly not an Opera. It’s
    the Ultimate Variety Show. You will love it. Oh, The Chrismas show is a
    must. Save $$$ See more than one show and ask for a combo deal. ?

  6. zyrtec3 says:

    I’m about to move to Jefferson City TN. Oh – forgot – from Europe…. I was
    born in Detroit, then moved to EU w/ parents, then workedin Hartford CT for
    a couple of yrs. So now I’m gathering info about the area. Is it really
    what you reccommend? 🙂 Best regards!

  7. adamthegreat71 says:

    Its great here

  8. adamthegreat71 says:

    It is a great place to live i love it

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