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Best Jobs in America : Petroleum Geologist

by tom44 on April 15, 2014

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Best Jobs in America : Petroleum Geologist It’s still a tough job market, so when we set out to find America’s Best Jobs this year, first and foremost we loo…

Reading, Pa. was recently named the poorest city in America, according to recent census figures. Forty-one percent of the city’s residents live below the pov…
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25 thoughts on “Best Jobs in America : Petroleum Geologist

  1. Sunni Days says:

    One thing I see that doesn’t help poverty – and I say this speaking as a
    minority – I see too many minority parents (Hispanic and Black parents
    specifically) kick their kids out at 19. They have no credit, no money,
    nothing saved up, they are making low wages and they kick them out. “You’re
    18. Figure it out. Or I don’t like that boy or girl you’re with, get out!”
    How do these parents think their kids will make it? The parents have had no
    discussion with them about budgeting, FICO scores, debt, the cost of
    raising a family. Nothing. Just get out. Conversely, some of the Whites I
    know were able to stay home after college or after high school, work, save,
    build their credit, get out of debt. If they paid below market rent to
    their parents for staying there, the parents put the money into a savings
    account and gave it back to the kids towards a down payment on a house. I
    don’t agree with kicking your adult children out when you know they have no
    money or no credit. Some people do fine, they figure it out – but many
    people don’t fare well, they start having children, can’t provide for the
    children and then just have to rely on the government or churches for help.?

  2. Roland Haas says:

    I have an IQ of 89 and cannot go to college or get a good job.?

  3. Man AaaT says:

    They are pretty much all overweight. Have you noticed that??

  4. Adam Outlaw says:

    The hard truth in a nutshell… being that greed and misguided
    overpopulation fears have led sick minds to these grotesque times. This
    eugenic killing game is as old as written history itself.

    An excellent example being that of the ancient Aztecs who sold the idea
    (during years of drought) that the “common people” needed to kill their
    children, etc to appease and quench their angry sun-god. The elite
    followed the seasons and knew this was just a solar cycle… but, sold it
    as God’s demand for blood sacrifice anyway. Sick minds yeah?

    This just fitted the ruling class fine because with a quickly reduced
    population the food shortages, etc was hardly felt or thought about
    anymore. Uprisings were effectively managed so the elite could stay rich
    and fat off the gullible publics “sacrificial generosity”.

    The other hard truth being that vary few in power or great wealth will
    likely care about your misery, depression or sickly children either. Many
    of the people you fought for in war (as a modern human sacrifice) wish you
    ill and made sure with “special” vaccines, etc so you’d carry a health time
    bomb inside yourselves. Thanks uncle Sam!

    This message/ warning is not about blame though… for you would likely be
    way to busy just surviving as to do any revolutionary activity about it.
    No, its to say use your heads and look into alternative ways to survive and
    make money. College is an indentured servitude trap to have you owned by an
    ever more consolidated group of heartless corporations. TRUTH!

    Stop the insane consumption and wastefulness that is now so damn common
    with everyone in the western world. Look into nitch market opportunities
    for money and READ more useful books on how to solve your many mounting
    problems. Someone has something written somewhere to help you with near any
    issue you have. KEEP LEARNING!

    Lastly, get FOCUSED and DETERMINED… you are in a fight for your vary
    lives and some sick bastards are counting on you failing. Keep your spirit
    strong even if your flesh becomes weak. REALIZE YOUR WORTH!!!?

  5. Mel Debra says:

    i know a lot of people who would love to get 10 dollars an hour his wife is
    so ungreatful?

  6. Bob Smith says:

    Trash breeds trash!?

  7. BRUCE LEE says:

    Here is an old song by Anne Murray that speaks about REDDING.This old song

  8. Robert Kolakowski says:

    I don’t understand how some people don’t have food, and are homeless, but
    they mange to get money for smokes! No judging, just saying!?

  9. mcline007 says:

    “I just came back from Irak, serving my country for a year and half”, “Is
    that all you have done?” ….
    Well they are right ! …..what do you want to do be a executive, a
    economist, a programmer?? …unless there is a company needs to kill
    anybody, your skills are useless….you can only flip burgers….
    All this is the government fault’s that fill the head of all these military
    people of air and once they have used them (so that Exxon can keep drilling
    in the middle east), the get confronted with the hard reality ……?

  10. Starte Christ says:

    Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of love to the citizens of Reading

  11. Dont'hava Names says:


  12. IGotNothing BetterToDo says:

    such kind of poverty is still by far much better than those poverty you see
    in some remote corners of this world.. so be thankful y’all… indeed,
    y’all should..?

  13. UncleSaat says:

    Looking by the cars, they dont seem poor…?

  14. tworains2 says:

    can someone explain to me why these military people come home and dont get
    a college degree with the G.I/911 bill wtf is going on?

  15. TheForeverfree1 says:

    This can happen anywhere anytime to anyone so don’t be so high on your

  16. peter schon says:

    this video is disturbing,in so many ways.?

  17. Brett Scott says:

    A small word of advice, if you can’t afford to look after yourself, having
    kids just worsens your situation. You have to put those kids through life
    and school. Having kids when you’re in poor economic situations is
    detrimental for the children and for society. Try sort yourself out first,
    it’s tough being poor, but don’t bring others into your economic situation.?

  18. talash k says:

    America is so big that for a middle class family it is extremely difficult
    to move around, car is the king and without a car you can not even find
    work unless you live in a metropolitan city like the NYC. In the UK town
    are well planned and people can easily work and shop around and the public
    transport system is second to none. ?

  19. paul battis says:

    The NAFTA bill has destroyed the United States of America. All good blue
    collar jobs have been off shored. Education level has nothing to do with
    it. Get yourself a four year degree and now you will be unemployed with a
    four year degree.?

  20. jbcomics says:

    contrast this with Germany where school is the cost of your exams, people
    pay less in taxes and get a public healthcare option. ?

  21. m says:

    why stuff your faces with nasty cheap take out food?

  22. trev moffatt says:

    On the bright-side we might get some good C&W and R&B. ?

  23. Choumi123 says:

    poor bastards?

  24. Alfredo D Covarrubias says:

    Every single person in this documentary is richer than 70% of the rest of
    the world. Just for perspective ?

  25. dusher grmen says:

    This couple should rent out their rooms to foreigner, students, etc?

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