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Beehive Removal Los Angeles Job Photos

by tom44 on September 23, 2012

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We got called out to an apartment in the greater Los Angeles area in late August and little did we know the tenant was a professional photographer! Check out the amazing photos she took of our work! Photo credits to Kelley Rich

dirty jobs roofing hot tar mike rowe
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24 thoughts on “Beehive Removal Los Angeles Job Photos

  1. Gainesvilleroofing says:

    nice? video Mike

  2. JosephCee says:

    aww man wheres the rest of the vid??

  3. boysselle says:

    Mexicans are the? real deal, they work harder than anybody else!

  4. pflare123 says:

    @EjmWillRuleTheWorld seriously dude its the worst job? ive ever done to date, nice pay though

  5. TheBMacAttack says:

    I do this kind of roofing and im the smallest guy on the job just started but its easy as hell. but since im small heavy thing its heavy but thats good cuz its working out all? day. soon to be ripped 🙂 also rich

  6. Ful1tilt says:

    Its roof, not? ruf.

  7. codyflower420 says:

    it? does not lol

  8. bobthebuilder6938 says:

    i dont mind ?

  9. LordxHasta says:


  10. kopynd1 says:

    all roofing jobs are shit, every job is a struggle,everything carried up the? ladders, to be strong enough you must be able to carry your own weight up a ladder,stripping off grit thats fully bonded with molten bitumen, it’s hard graft, Ive had plenty scalds off molten bitumen.A hoist would be a good investment

  11. pipmysterio says:

    fuck!? just about he’s going to attack the ramp!

  12. silentjay013 says:


  13. hongkong57 says:

    Hot tar is a? bitch

  14. johnny19az19 says:

    roofing sucks i did? shingles and flat tar

  15. lawanawilber2l3wfo says:

    Be a? part of worlds no 1 Russian dating women

  16. MrHman33 says:

    sure? does.

  17. Twiggy Hunter says:


  18. ElTexas454 says:

    i did this as a summer job, its insane and i loved it, better that a boring cashier job. I dont know why they hate us? hispanics, we do alot of shitty work….

  19. tuggers7 says:

    I used to work in a slaughter house carryimg? beef to butchers…mt ex wife said i looked like a huge “used” tampon….bloody white meat coat

  20. futuremrsrupertgrint says:

    i friggin love this? show…he is so funny…hes also pretty hot

  21. mar504 says:

    Who do you think did it before you showed up? Yeah that’s right. Don’t worry, you can come back when you learn how to follow the? rules.

  22. davidsstilltippin says:

    work lika a mexican !!?

  23. chargermopar says:

    I did my own roof by myself mostly? at night. Only crazy people work on a roof in the hot sun.

  24. badalice07 says:

    Hey Mike, I can think of a “Dirty” job for you. Check all the employees for green cards with INS. in a sting on this? guy.

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