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Becoming a RN (Registered Nurse)?…..?

by tom44 on May 21, 2014

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Question by Peaches: Becoming a RN (Registered Nurse)?…..?
I live in Chicago, and I wanted to know if it was required to become a CNA before I could become a RN? I was told that it was required, but I was praying that it wasn’t true. I don’t want to be a CNA!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Roger M
NO, you do not have to be a CNA to be a RN.

You go to school to learn to be a RN, take a test. If you are on your way. RN gets a four year college degree ( 2 yr in some states is allowed).

CNA is completely different.

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One thought on “Becoming a RN (Registered Nurse)?…..?

  1. Jill says:

    Some schools require you to hold the CNA certification in order to be accepted to an RN program – but not all. And holding the certification doesn’t mean you have to have a job as a CNA – just take the course and the certification test.

    It will depend on what school you choose. My college required we hold the CNA, so I passed the test but never worked a day in my life as a CNA. Call the schools you are looking into and ask them.

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