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Bankrupt – How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit

by tom44 on April 18, 2014

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No Experience Necessary Detroit U.S.A.: Once the most prosperous city in America. With a booming manufacturing sector and cultural magnetism, the city h…
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John Rich’s Music Video “Shutting Detroit Down” All rights are owned by CMT and John Rich.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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50 thoughts on “Bankrupt – How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit

  1. awdrifter3 says:

    In any governments in the world today, there will be bias or favored
    groups, they are the people that contributed the most to the official’s
    campaign. It’s just the way this system work. Let’s say if the government
    didn’t bail out GM, the US auto industry would’ve dropped off a cliff. At
    least now we get the 10-15 year slow decline, that’s much easier for most
    people to adjust to. Just like when UK bailed out British Leyland,
    eventually BL went bankrupt, but that extended the live of UK’s auto
    industry for years.?

  2. Tania Gail says:

    Interesting to note, UAW is exempt from Ocare.?

  3. mweibleii says:

    Oh the irony, Detroit produced enough armaments to crush fascism….. which
    led to the Fascistic military industrial complex ……..formerly known as
    the USA.?

  4. Charles Rinehart says:

    Black liberals have run detroit since 1974

  5. TheRetiredtrucker says:

    Detroit – Liberal Democrat Utopia ?

  6. JimmyBean456 says:

    @2:20 I want to marry her?

  7. Sinister1 says:

    Until the people vote out the entire leadership from the top down, nothing
    will change. The corruption is rampant and has become a habit with every
    mayor and city council member who’s ever sat in the seat of leadership.?

  8. James Freeland says:

    they repayed tarp moneyt with secret loans they got they didn’t make money
    then pay it back?

  9. Zeb Colter says:

    What happens when you let a ‘hip hop mayor’ run your city?

  10. Wizdomtrek says:

    I have a theory as to why the U.A.W., SEEMINGLY, was the “favored child” of
    the Obama administration in regards the financial reorganization of the
    automakers; firstly the U.A.W. is an ICONIC BRAND in the minds of the
    Amerikan people and in classic form Obama and his cohorts used the
    ICONOGRAPHY to portray him as being sided to labor, classic intellectual
    deceit. Has Obama been beneficial to labor? Well the short answer is
    NOOOOO, everything from “I WILL RENEGOTIATE N.A.F.T.A.” (never happened) to
    the current push for the T.P.P.?

  11. Joel Cole says:

    Detroit has been governed by dumbocraps for the past 50 years. Coincidence?
    I don’t think so. When the current reign of dumbocraps took power the
    population was 1.6 million. By the time it went bankrupt, the population
    was less than half that.

    Should we be surprised? Of course not. Dumbocraps ruin things. Look at how
    Berry Obozo is trying to ruin the whole country.?

  12. Jasper666ism says:

    Detriot need’s help!?

  13. John Smith says:

    The whole rest of the country is going to look like Detroit , only worse
    and in the next two years. And even a Ron Paul can not change that out
    come. Hold on to your hat, your in for a rough patch of road ahead for the
    next fifteen years.?

  14. alnot01 says:

    There is no reason any more to concentrate auto manufacturing in Detroit.
    So auto manufacturing has left Detroit, and will never return. GM still has
    its HQ in Detroit, but those white collar guys live in Grosse Pointe or in
    Oakland county. If Detroit is to resume growing, it will have to find a
    new economic direction. I think Detroit should contract to the area east of
    I94. The blighted buildings must be razed.

    Most GM and Chrysler employees neither live nor work in Detroit. Hence
    bailing out GM and Chrysler in no way bailed out Detroit. If GM had gone
    under, the Poletown plant would have been sold to someone. Detroit would
    have lost the revenue resulting from the 1.2% city income tax on
    nonresident GM executives. Otherwise little would have changed.

    I cannot fathom why GM built a plant by condemning a viable working class
    neighbourhood, rather than a half vacant dying neighbourhood, where the
    condemnation cost per acre would have been substantially lower.

    Detroiters are violent and disrespect property, in ways that make it
    impossible to attract new business activity to Detroit. Until that changes,
    there is no hope of a turnaround.?

  15. James Freeland says:

    funny the only people they talk to wear suits not flannel shirts the same
    people who helped to steal money and blame unions even though unions play
    a big part?

  16. Ahmad Nader says:

    if you play SimCity you will know exactly what is going on with this city.
    Gotta go and plot a new city called Detroit and mess it all up!?

  17. James Freeland says:

    central economic planning the federal reserve and endless lunatic corrupt
    wars and war mongers is a huge part of the entire country is joke?

  18. Carson Chan says:

    The oppressed in turn become the oppressors!?

  19. Jeremy Deville says:

    silly democrats?

  20. Dwight E Howell says:

    When google is blocking thumbs up something is wrong.?

  21. scott helft says:

    “Live free or die” describes the free market capitalist operating under a
    constitutional republic that allows one to govern themself under the rule
    of law .. “Live for free then die” describes a fascist socialist market
    operating under democracy that believes people are not capable of governing
    themselves. Both examples of government allow a person to pursue their self
    interest however the outcome is very different. When a person is allowed to
    pursue the property of others and this plunder is legal, it is socialism
    and it will fail. When a person pursues property without plundering others
    , this is what made Detroit great.?

  22. JimInPT says:

    Detroit is the Obamacare of cities.?

  23. Ks Knight says:

    may the lord bless the liberals w/wisdom and clarity for all our sake
    because it seems that they will find any rationale to blame someone else
    for their own policies.?

  24. Bert Collins says:

    BANKRUPT…. How Cronyism And Corruption Brought Down Detroit?

  25. Spartyal says:

    History will record the death of American Capitalism was when ” Too Big Too
    Fail ” was politically profitable. GM no longer reports North American Car
    sales knowing that number would expose what a sham the bailout was.?

  26. svetlana dudin says:

    “Shuttin Detroit Down” by John Rich
    This song is about how people of the working class are losing jobs while
    the bosses get bonuses. It also talks about workers on Wall Street getting
    rich while the workers in Detroit are getting fired from their jobs and
    getting poor. #lcsgov2014 #week2 #P5 ?

  27. Sandy Carver says:

    Who can argue that they weren’t shutting Detroit down now. I hope Obama
    rots in hell?

  28. Will Pierce says:

    Don’t blame Wall Street….. Blame the unions and mostly those who speak
    for them?

  29. Samantha Olvera says:


  30. nick wease says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:?

  31. Keith the Irish Cowboy Gallagher says:

    Ya know! It TRULY IS a DAM CRYING SHAME that this WORLD, NOT ONLY this
    country, has gone bankrupt thx 2 EVERY SINGLE LIVING CROOKED politician we

  32. Margaret Schaut says:

    Shutting Detroit Down?

  33. cntrydb says:

    Things are not getting better, they aren’t allowed too. The current
    administration came in with hope and change, but have helped the bankers,
    and oil companies and government officials ONLY. want evidence/ Gas price
    now nearly double 6 years ago. Hurts middle class. Credit card interest
    rates up almost 10 % thanks Dodd Frank! Hurts middle class. Cost of health
    insurance, if you can figure out if you actually have it? deductibles up by
    thousands of dollars and monthly rates at least 10% higher if you are
    lucky. Kills middle class. These are all due to policies, not free market
    forces. This is why the gap between rich and poor is widening. Not because
    of minimum wage rates or “Evil” rich people. WAKE UP, It’s your government
    that is killing your prosperity!! capitalism works, government restriction

  34. shane acorah says:

    See. Ya. In. Hell. ?

  35. cruhg says:

    the best thing a man can do for love of country is speak his heart. john
    rich is doin a good thing here. and for all the partisan blind people here
    pointing fingers every which way, youre wrong. there are no parties for us
    laborers, there are only 2 kinds of people- the wealthy elite shot callers
    and the rest of us, the haves and have nots. this is class warfare. ?

  36. shane acorah says:

    Lol. This. Video. Is. Funny?

  37. donnie perry says:

    u r fucking right Mitchell is fucking retarded

  38. mudford02 says:

    Filmed in my Father in laws plant.

  39. dfdemt says:

    Same thing happened to be down here in TX. The Carrier (Air Conditioning)
    plant that Ive been at shut down and moved to Mexico. Ive been there 16
    years, and when they gave me my pink slip the security guard was there to
    walk me out. He’d been there less than a year. Thanks OBAMA!

  40. dneil73 says:

    Next time you get a loan, or use a credit card remember to think about
    where the real power of your government is. Pay cash…. if you can. May
    God Bless America. Fraud is okay if it is the bankers btw….. very few
    courts are seeing otherwise. Just thought I would share…

  41. smmack1 says:


  42. peaceshan123 says:

    John. U. Hit. The. Nail. On. The. Head. These. ” people ” don’t. Care. A
    dang about The. Working. Men. And. Women. Period we. Eleteted. Obama. Couse
    he. Promesed. Jobs. OK. Where. Are. The. Jobs. Especially. For. Those only
    a. High school. Deploma I’m. Sick. Of. People. With. There. Fancy. Dagrees
    getin. All. The. Jobs. It makes. Me. Realy. Mad. And. Knowin I. Could. Do.
    The. Same. Job with out. A. Dagree. Shane a

  43. James Butler says:

    they are shutting down more the just detroit they are shuting down all our
    rights and every thing people wake up

  44. tommylehman says:

    The Russian Revolution took place in a pre-capitalist agrarian state.
    Apples and oranges.

  45. Thaulopi says:

    Nice pet you are brother, they will be very happy to read your message at
    the top where they spit on you, on your family and your pride. Shall I take
    you for a walk, pet?

  46. donnie perry says:

    stfu politics is the reason its shutting down u god damn Obama dick sucking

  47. rightwingkid92 says:

    You know what’s sad? It’s sad that this has been going on for four years,
    and nobody on Wall street or in Washington cares. They are all motivated by
    money, which they have plenty of and that’s it.

  48. will howell says:

    obama dont talk about that asshole im having a good day please dont ruin

  49. Fraser Harvey Ridout says:

    I’m only 16, my first car and every car will be from an American
    manufacturer and not a foreign company. GM and Ford till I die

  50. DaveyJones1480 says:

    My grandma calls it Government Motors

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