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Bad Medicine, A Psychiatrist’s Control Over Patient’s Mind

by tom44 on June 27, 2014

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Be My Friend – Bad Medicine, A Psychiatrist’s Control Over Patient’s Mind Dr. Bellonzi discusses a psychiatrist’s who told …
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25 thoughts on “Bad Medicine, A Psychiatrist’s Control Over Patient’s Mind

  1. Beth Lowery says:

    I agree that this case is horrific, but it is not a good sampling of

    Then, I looked down at the comments . . . He’s a CHIROPRACTOR! If that’s
    not the gremlin calling the unicorn fake.?

  2. prokopton says:

    Women have testicles? That’s news to me. What’s his theory women’s mental
    illness? He just happens to be a neurologist in a time when high-tech
    machines to measure brain blood flow and brain chemicals didn’t exist. To
    Freud, everything was initiated in the penis.

  3. missdiablica666 says:

    CCHR is associated with scientology and people don’t treat you seriously
    when you use their help.

  4. De Do says:

    I just watched for one minute or so and I stopped: first of all did u
    contacted your colleague to see the medical file?psychiatric illnesses are
    very much invalidating just bc they take your freedom to think clearly and
    to act on it away.shrinks try to give it back but it’s most of the times a
    very long process with or without pills.every med has it’s side effect also
    in somatic med.and also there some med doesn’t work in each person.So plz
    no accusing just to accuse.

  5. iclandgirl . says:

    Doctors, especially psychiatrists, don’t really give a shit.

  6. Vova Merkulov says:

    Hello! I’m Courtney.I did -45 lbs in 7 days.More here

  7. zathath says:

    And you know what? The Supreme Court of America is on your side, and
    against psychiatry. It is 100% illegitimate in the United States of
    America. Call the police, and put these doctors where they belong: IN JAIL.

  8. cum2roll says:

    Cognitive Dissonance! Exactly right!

  9. zathath says:

    If they gave a shit, they would be pervert, asshole.

  10. chad410 says:

    olanzapine makes you look like your humpty dumpty. get off them or those
    that don t make you put on weight I think

  11. schizobipolarjoe says:

    you are a dumb founded dip shit. have you ever worked in a Psychiatric
    hospital? my psychiatric doctor never calls me. maybe you need to come down
    to dallas texas and see north star services. they don’t make money non
    profit. I got checked for everything, by a regular doctor couldn’t find
    anything. medication saved me.

  12. hamish89melrose says:

    Drugs.. made by a company for profit. Drug companys insentivise doctors and
    psyc’s to use there drugs with free vacation offers or similar if you
    prescribe a certain number of patients with there drug, FACT. All
    prescription drugs are addictive (again; Drugs.. made by a company for
    profit), FACT. The UK has free health care BUT the drugs are still made by
    profit making organizations – so still no progress! Y make someone better
    when they could be buying drugs from you for the rest of there life!

  13. drwickieno1 says:

    thanx 4 the reply * 60% of suicides were undergoing treatment because, most
    suicidal patients were being cared for by the services. (if 60% of deaths
    due to heart ailments were being looked after by cardic services you wont
    say that the services arent very efffective, would you) psychiatry cant
    treat criminals, only the ones with mental illness so jail diversion would
    not be effective. psychiatry cant prevent all the crime and suicides. they
    try their best just like other doctors.

  14. zathath says:

    If the voices are not hallucination, but really come from outside the brain
    (a demon), then it is the demon that is responsible for the crime. In the
    Bible, demons are called “Power and Domination” by Apostle Paul. This
    means, demons can be powerful, and they dominate the poor sick boy.

  15. zathath says:

    And THAT would cure the patient. That’s what they really need, and they
    know it. Someone, somewhere, is hiding the truth, beware.

  16. LindaKay1948 says:

    I’m so glad you got off the drugs and are feeling better.

  17. zathath says:

    At the moment, it’s very experimental. We are discussing how the
    DreamWalker, who is used for different purpose, could also be used as a
    form of psychotherapy. If you check psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung work,
    something about dreams was connecting between patient and doctor. As if
    dreams had a substance of their own. I was able to see an object through a
    dream once, maybe the hallucination of patient could be reached in some way
    and interracted with.

  18. Michelle Allshouse says:

    Yes I am very lucky. I was strong enough not to let them push me around
    anymore and got smart enough to know that medication is not what I needed.
    The truth is too many people open up way too much to them and if you say
    the wrong words they can lock you down. So sad. They act like your savior
    and take advantage of your trust and lock you up.

  19. zathath says:

    Did you try to go to a Church? Try working with your doctor, and trying to
    do the 10 commandments. Maybe, if you do them, some health could pop back.
    God of Moses, no other gods (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva), no adultery, no
    murder, no theft, honor your parents, don’t give false witness in a court
    of justice, work 6 days a week, and pray God the 7th, and don’t seek the
    goods of others (cars, houses, cats, mices, dogs, stuff).

  20. UnreconstructedTexan says:

    @zathath Freud would say that your passive aggressive posting strategy is a
    pleasure derived for your fixation on the anal stage of psychosexual
    childhood development, specifically concerning a fixation of anal
    retentiveness. So, you can take pride in the fact that you’ve been an
    asshole 100% without your parents influence since the approximate age of
    1.5 years old. Congrats dickhead.

  21. 7within says:

    Have mercy save some face . These days it’s very hard to find a
    psychiatrist that speak the truth. The world gone Totalitarian

  22. Mr. Lowery says:

    It is safe to say that a very large percentage of the US population is
    looking for someone who will think for them, prescribe that magic bullet in
    the form of a compound they introduce to their body’s system and basically
    rewire the way the brain handles reality. So many prescriptions for SSRI’s
    and other anti-depressants are written in the US goes to show how little we
    actually understand the brain and it’s relation to the mind since the
    mechanisms of SSRI’s are unknown yet taken enmasse.

  23. sean0395 says:

    Hey just a quick question. Do you think that most Psychiatrists are corrupt
    or abusive? Just some? Either way it’s wrong, but I just wanted to know
    your opinion on how common this kind of thing is? Are you against the
    practice of psychology like scientologists or are you just a watch dog? I
    don’t mean this in an accusatory way, I was just wondering.

  24. LindaKay1948 says:

    How do you do that?

  25. Tilliemart says:

    Psychiatry leaves some very toxic scars and this needs to be addressed.
    Elliemental1 have a number of videos relaying peoples experiences and anger
    towards there experiences, please watch these videos and comment when/where
    you feel you can, one being titled Psycho warrior Thank you for your
    humanistic outlook towards people.

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