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Bad Drivers in Portland 70

by tom44 on November 8, 2014

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Deep breath* No, there hasn’t been a video for a long time. There’s quite a few reasons for that, which I’ll try and get through if I don’t run out of descr…
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25 thoughts on “Bad Drivers in Portland 70

  1. chester jenkins says:

    This guy beeps too much anyways. ?

  2. DarthDave573 says:

    I’m saying this all the time, cyclists should have a driving license as

  3. Taggerung says:

    Cant’ you call the police on their tag #’s (the people without stoplights)
    since it’s apparent they don’t know about their stoplights, and won’t
    listen if someone tells them, AND they’re going to cause an accident, then
    wonder why it happened. It seems all these twits will listen to, is a fine
    for not having their stoplights working. Non-working stoplights
    are referred to as “defective equipment” I believe.?

  4. jamie taylor says:

    You are just an over reacting prick. You should learn to have patience?

  5. Michigan Dashcam says:

    I love watching people jump when you honk hahaha?

  6. Dollar50Hotdog says:

    @ 11:24 you were driving on the shoulder. That’s illegal. Just want to
    point that out since you are complaining so much about Portland drivers.
    Which I tend to agree Portland has lots of bad drivers.?

  7. gitaarmovies2003 says:

    why some clips the saturn have a high horn? was the Original horn defect or
    something? was the horn temporarily? was it a loan from the garage??

  8. TheThunderboltFreak says:

    So did you guys end up calling in the driver @ 14:50 for being drunk? That
    would’ve scared the living hell out of me..?

  9. MarloSoBalJr says:

    Get a Ford Crown Victoria “ex- Interceptor”, people will start driving
    cautiously when they spot the search light on the driver’s side.

  10. NOVAdashcam says:

    Gonna have to go through my collection of music… been years since I’ve
    heard that Queens of the Stone Age piece @ 8:18. Lots of people not seeing
    green lights in this one… I’m having that issue over here as well. You
    only have a few weeks of backlogged clips… I have seven months haha…
    Good compilation as always. Hope your new place isn’t anywhere near that

  11. kyogre6444 says:

    It’s funny you should mention that, because I’ve actually tried that quite
    a few times. In some older clips you can hear my signal clicking. The
    problem is not that people think I’m going to exit (and pull out predicting
    that I will), it’s that they simply don’t understand how a roundabout works
    and don’t bother even looking my way. I’ve found that signalling makes no
    difference to these people. If they can’t see your car and a yield sign, a
    turn signal doesn’t make a difference 😉

  12. Stefan Alfons says:

    Even with the Diesel prices in the US being the same, you save a bit of
    money with a diesel, as it uses less fuel than a comparable gas engine. But
    it’s still a diesel, and therefor probably not worth it.

  13. kyogre6444 says:

    I totally agree. More than half the people that pull in front of me would
    be completely okay if they just sped up.

  14. TamiyaRunner says:

    11:28, you were the one who was cutting the bullnose.

  15. Thomas Tompkins says:

    Who sings the song at 10:47 in the video?

  16. MarloSoBalJr says:

    I agree, Subaru. They’re monstrous in rough terrain.

  17. MrHeyfuckoff says:

    Wow, So there are a lot of Gay Businessmen in Portland? Sorry but Priuses
    are gay

  18. talldude123 says:

    What song was that at 14:09? It was in your old intro.

  19. kyogre6444 says:

    Lol…not the exact same car, but I didn’t even notice that they were both
    black Priuses. Portland has the most hybrids per capita of any city in the

  20. BYJR14 says:

    Conclusion: People have no fucking idea what “Yielding” Means. RAM THEM!

  21. kyogre6444 says:

    I have no idea. As you may have noticed in the past, I tend to ignore the
    conversations my passengers are having, especially when they’re my friends
    or brothers.

  22. Natthawat Wongrat says:

    No you did not break any law. When someone quickly shut elevator’s door to
    stop other people from getting in, do they break any laws ? NO. They are
    just selfish.

  23. kyogre6444 says:

    I agree – I believe it’s a GoPro Hero 3. I actually have one, but I’ve
    never used it as a dashcam.

  24. Aaron Robinson says:

    Than McDowell – because it was a 4way stop sigh

  25. Titan2995 says:

    Nice video as always. The three clips that happened within a minute all
    seemed to be at a Wal-Mart from what I could tell (I’m probably wrong). I
    do know Wal-Mart is usually the worst place when it comes to parking lot
    navigation. Also, I just love impatient people who speed by. I catch up to
    them at the red light and I just want to wave and say “Look how far all
    that flooring it got you…”

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