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“Baby Got Back:” Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony

by tom44 on June 19, 2014

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Now in its third year, Seattle Symphony’s critically acclaimed Sonic Evolution project creates a bridge between the Symphony and Seattle’s storied reputation…
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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25 thoughts on ““Baby Got Back:” Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony

  1. C.C. Chapman says:

    I’ll be honest that I never thought I’d see a symphony performing Baby Got

    There goes my morning. ?

  2. Christopher Gallagher says:

    The young woman with the library glasses was really getting into this.
    Maybe she was a plant and not really part of the audience. This was
    actually good and fun.?

  3. ScottKinmartinTV says:

    Baby Got Bach!?

  4. DL Byron says:

    *Orchestral Movements from the Hood *

    Even funnier was the time I saw a grade school class sing EVERY WORD in the
    gym “My anaconda don’t want none. Unless you’ve got buns, hun.”?

  5. Jef Smith says:

    How did I miss this??

  6. MAjaMantras says:

    thre girl on black with the glasess take the qwhole cake, what a show

  7. Geoff Williams says:

    Oh Seattle… ?

  8. Ken Holman says:

    I present to you the Seattle Symphony ………..and Sir Mix-A-Lot.?

  9. Michael Byrd says:

    So much to go around, I thought I’d share…

    #babygotback #seattlerocks ?

  10. heyitsablackguy says:

    LMAO! White people cannot dance worth of hell, but I still like it.?

  11. Paul Gettle says:





    Look at her butt.?

  12. Ed Starkey says:

    I never would have thought I’d see the day! This is awesome!!!?

  13. JoshPalerLin says:

    Alright that woman with black dress… *I’m officially into MILF now*. Baby
    got back!?

  14. Tony Mobley says:

    LMAO…this made my day?

  15. yeti dynamics says:

    that was amazing lol, love it?

  16. R Bee says:

    I can *officially* call it a day .. The internet wins .. ?

  17. chucholetsm8one says:

    You should always trust Guys who like big butts, because they cannot lie.?

  18. Pete Bauman says:

    Fat zombie monkey see monkey do girls with mister Sell-Out-A-Lot trying to
    defile European traditional music. When is he going to step all over a Hopi
    Indian traditional song and dance like he owns it, maybe an Irish dance
    festival in Ireland needs Africanized. Respect boundaries of others as you
    would have them respect yours. Overall a negative & disrespectful artistic
    effort by all involved.?

  19. bon bonnee says:

    Good for a laugh
    “Baby Got Back:” Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony?

  20. Don P says:

    Have we achieved Peak Derp? I don’t know if this is awful or awesome

    (Song starts at 2:30 in))?

  21. bhstone1 says:

    50 women randomly getting up on stage and objectifying themselves. There
    goes “leaning in”, “yesall women”, etc.?

  22. Anne Helmenstine says:


  23. JF Dionne says:


  24. Onehundredjobs says:

    I reacted to this vid and you can see close-ups of the Baby Got Back Lady
    In Black! I so want to interview her.?

  25. Dinar Queen says:

    Those are some of the worst dressed women EVER. They should’ve never gone
    on stage! OMG And only like 2 could dance to that song Big Butts! lol I’m
    embarrassed for Seattle lol?

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