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BA in Mathematics looking for work?

by tom44 on August 21, 2013

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Question by Chuck: BA in Mathematics looking for work?
I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics (graduated in 2009) and I just plain cannot find work. I am looking for a career (i.e. medical benefits ect.) I live in the greater Sacramento, CA area, but I am willing to relocate for a job guarantee.

Anyone have any good ideas?

No, I do not have a teaching credential, and while I do have the ball rolling to get one, I would prefer a different career path.

Thank you for your help.

Best answer:

Answer by Mathsorcerer
While you search for something in your desired career field, I would recommend that you fast-track your teacher certification or earn a couple of quick computer certifications (provided you don’t have any already); this will earn you a paycheck while you look for what you *really* want.

Although the pay might not be great and the responsibilites would be mind-numbing, you might also try to get some sort of teaching assistant job at the university. Not only would this mean you don’t have to earn your teacher certificate, but you wouldn’t have to deal with public school students and rules (but you would probably be teaching algebra to freshmen).

You might also look into taking the first actuarial exam; you might even be able to earn a pass on it based on your grades. This will get your foot in the door of the actuarial field–a *great* career field.

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