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Atlanta Unemployment is Horrible! Long Ass Line for Job at AJ Wright! UPDATE AJ WRIGHT CLOSED!LOL

by tom44 on September 9, 2012

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Need a Job? Update after all these people gathered in a long ass line for a job. AJ Wright Closed down.. Long Line for Jobs at AJ Wright! unemployment is rising! More people are in need of Jobs and food. Visit to see how we can change the dependency of Corporations.
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This customer hired a contractor ( from one referal ) and over the course of 3 weeks…which itself is crazy, 8-10 days max…had 3 different crews that were all obviously inept, totally screw up her bathroom renovation. Her mistake(s) was not getting multiple references, at least 10-15, not getting before/after pictures, and not STOPPING the job after the 1st crew was sent away ( the company apparently had no one capable of doing this job ). So after thousands of dollars were spent on material & labor, she hired me to fix the damage…which can not be fixed, had to start over from scratch. And after tearing out everything, 8 days later you see the result of a proper job…with only me as a crew. A few days from now she’ll finally have her bathroom back, but after spending thousands more to do it AGAIN. PLEASE do not go with lowest bid on your tile job. In these tuff times I know its tempting, but everyone out there is doing things they have no experience in just to make a buck….do NOT make a very costly mistake. By the way, my labor on this SHOULD be at 00-00, but I felt so bad for her I did it for 00 . STARRTILE@YAHOO.COM….or call: 678-852-8352 Bob Doyle
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48 thoughts on “Atlanta Unemployment is Horrible! Long Ass Line for Job at AJ Wright! UPDATE AJ WRIGHT CLOSED!LOL

  1. GestapoBob says:

    If they put up a Job’s Fair tent across the street, not ONE Nigger? would stop by. “I needs me handout dawg!”

  2. MsSassyMT says:

    That’s? crazy.

  3. icecream7yum1 says:

    As Christians, if this doesn’t make you pray, what is it going to take? God is Jehovah? Jireh.

    Also, read the book of Proverbs in the Bible.

  4. moistfaucet says:

    Capitalist people, they HATE poor people and they LOVE rich people. They see for what you HAVE not? what you DO.

  5. aliciabanks says:

    so why was hobama just greeted? like a rock star via tyler perry etc?????

    nobama 2012!!!

  6. MrDeutchman says:

    Must be? giving out cheese….

  7. 323punk says:

    Looks more like? the DMV lol

  8. genefury75 says:

    You think Obama is bad wait till you see your next president? hahaha

  9. popovar78 says:

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  10. robvar83 says:

    RESTORING THE AMERICAN DREAM: Search? for free millions of jobs on the largest #1 job site worldwide, with over 50 million unique visitors and 1 billion job? searches per month and is available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages, covering 94% of global GDP. We have jobs in every state county and city in the? USA. Plus you can post jobs and resums.

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  11. blaaket123 says:

    The problem is that there isn’t not enough jobs. Regardless of age, race or education. When take all of those and compound them you have a significant problem. Alot of black people don’t go to college and they don’t have great job skills. Given? this market, blackpeople r going to struggle.

  12. buzinazz says:

    start capping corperate money, and pay labour according to profit metrics.. so if one man prospers (CEO/OWNER) at say 3 mill a month but only employs 5 people to achieve that, there is something wrong. the people who helped him get there and make that much coin need some compensation… america needs it.. we dont need to be rich but we gotta be able to survive here… you see what happens when you put people in cages or? dificult situations but it doesnt have to be like that. ever.

  13. buzinazz says:

    that was just for a chuckle bro! you wont see a long line of white people looking for work or a way of means like that… we are lazy as fuk! real talk. but? i feel for everyone man, those are some stand up people.. you think they’d quit gettin in line after that many people, they are truly giving back to america so Obama needs to stand up and give back to the people.. PEOPLE make the world go round, not them! We make corperations millions but we live in poverty… its sad.

  14. SWTV2K11 says:

    funny? because i dont see the racist trolls on this board lol….

  15. booblover779 says:

    Its hard to feel? bad for them because most of them voted for Obama.

  16. metieval says:

    I am sure this line being mostly blacks is because it is a predominate black neighborhood?? But seriously we have to get Obama out of the white house. if any of his campaign promises came true it is the one about transparency. And Obama’s BS is pretty dang transparent right now.

  17. OhSheila543 says:

    This is a very sad sight that’s all over the country! Snake oil? salesman Obama’s “change”.

  18. blaaket123 says:

    I’m Black that? is pretty funny and racist.

  19. jamaalknight says:

    That’s a long ass? line. And mostly black people UGLY!!!! Not the people but the situation

  20. buzinazz says:

    ya’ll better start rapping, playing ball, or? sliingin crack. lol

  21. afuentes0678 says:

    AJ wright must be the bomb…or not…NO just seeing the need? to get a gig anywhere…..sad

  22. edviperrrr says:

    I´m Edward from Brazil. It´s sad to see too many people unemployed in the U.S.
    I´ve lived in the U.S. and I love this country.
    Brazil´s economy is doing pretty good….. here´re having more job offer than employers can? find workers. In general our wages down are smaller than the american wages, but at least we´ve jobs. And lately, americans are not being able to keep it up with their high wages and more and more people are loosing their jobs.

  23. cgasucks says:

    Wow…thanks for the vid!! I don’t mean to be? racist or anything..but it seems that most of the people in line are black…

  24. anaaaaal says:

    americas? full of cowboys

  25. nohipstermomma says:

    Unfortunately, with economic times being what they are, there? are MANY hacks out there (check out Craigslist) doing tile for $1 per sf, or such nonsense, which of course many homeowners, unaware of what is actually involved in installing tile correctly, fall for.

  26. uncle billy Sherman says:


  27. StarrTile says:

    Nothing wrong with using greenboard, showers were built with double layer sheetrock for a LONG time, so greenboard is fine? to use…but it needs RedGard put on it as a waterproofer. Even cement board will not stop water penetration & needs RedGard on it

  28. Andoy1 says:

    Oh man i can relate — had a so-called tile pro (he’s been in the business a long time-wonder how??) — he gave me a low quote!! I should’ve known better. He sent his apprentice son to do it instead of himself and it wasn’t ‘even’. He rushed the job, and used greenboard in the shower when he knew he should have used cement backerboard. Think I could have done? better myself!

  29. MicroBuildProduction says:

    Holy crap! I’m about to start a bathroom remodel myself, I’m definitely? no professional, but the nerve of whoever did the original job shocks me. I’m think maybe he was a do it yourselfer like but even I know to wipe the tile clean or slope the floors. Lesson is do research with your doing it yourself or paying someone.

  30. kingklicknick95 says:

    Lol sucks but if u really think that grout haze will not come off of glass!!!!!! U need to turn? in ur license and never do tile again. dumbass

  31. SteelCity1981 says:

    law? suit

  32. 68NYC2 says:

    Oh no…
    What? in the world???
    The place looked condemned.

    Whew…Nice recovery.
    Thanks for sharing.

  33. SuperIlovemyxbox says:

    OH god a tale of woe,? i used to tile but dont now if i can help it!!!!

  34. eltoritoquince says:

    my first time i put? tile by my own i dit rigth just watching videos and comments nothing to compare with those guys who done it first in this video they may be in drugs or alcohol they suck the second guys my respects you guys do miracles hehe.

  35. osorio215 says:

    Nice job? dude

  36. SuperPacman66 says:

    Wow!..they must of been drunk off of their asses…Lmao?

  37. glubwartfire1 says:


  38. mun268 says:

    Man, you don’t even have to explain. This nightmare is worst of any explanation. So, when you are? trying to introduce, you are doing favor to those “Masters of Universe”.

  39. jmyjms86 says:

    you kept the floor that he installed. all you did was put a wood threshold to reach the carpet nice try bud. ?

  40. Tomsouthrock says:


  41. kozey6780 says:

    gross tile? job

  42. montanacustomtile says:

    That first job is the worst ive ever seen. So its pretty bad. Glad you got fixed? up.

  43. manit77 says:

    it was probably the husband that did the job, he got too tired and quit. his wife got pissed, now they hired a contractor. ?

  44. JTate84 says:

    Looks much much better. However, the grout lines for the? diagonal tiles between the trim could’ve been done better. You can really see it at 5:33

  45. RAMBOPUNlSHER says:

    if you don’t know how to do some thing then don’t do it?

  46. VideoMenu says:

    Sheesh! Which is why I refuse to let anyone into my house. I will do it myself. If I don’t know how, I will learn. If it requires a license, then I will abide. Other that that, no other boots in my house. ;)?

  47. euroboy919 says:

    G’s I feel your pain. Im a tile guy? here in knoxville TN and sadly i see a lot of this kind of stuff. I hopw who ever did that job is no longer doing tile. That job he did doesnt look very complicated . The second time around looks nice.

  48. gmrat05 says:

    Incredible job! Wish i knew half? of what you do.

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