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atlanta job corp dorm room

by tom44 on November 15, 2012

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I answer the following questions in this video: Do they help you find a job and a place to live after you complete job corps? Can you bring you children to job corps? Can you bring electronics? How much do you get in completion money? How long does it take for you to get accepted into jobcorps? If you want to know what you should bring to job corps, i made a video previously on that subject. its in my videos. If you also want to know what to except your first weeks in job corps, I also made a video about that too. If you want some info on the Vocs at SNJCC and MOS stuff (medical office support) I also made another video on that too! Go check out my channel for more videos!! Add me on facebook if you have any questions i didnt answer, or ask me in my questions video!! NEW CHANNEL! Links: My Fallout fanfiction PLEASE READ AND REVIEW! Follow my fallout: New Vegas RP :
Video Rating: 5 / 5
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50 thoughts on “atlanta job corp dorm room

  1. kaylinh0 says:

    can? u change them ugly ass bed sheets and like bring your own bathroom decorations

  2. WhtsRealIsRight says:

    i really want to attend job corps but im just nervous im torn? between which one i wanna go to . and this question might seem retarded to you but did they steal your shit while you was there ?

  3. ANTHENISE4 says:

    Nothing had change in that? place… I love Job Corp. I was there in 2000. I will never forget the good old times there.

  4. Nikki Wilson says:

    thanks so much for responding. What is cpp and is the rn program free??? ?

  5. likeableloveable says:

    well it took me 5.2 months to finish the cna program…the fastes i’ve heard someone finish it is in 3 months…but dont forget you have to go through cpp…which is like 2 months i think i cant remember…there are fights sometimes…yes the older people stay with the younger people…yes except for on wed thats GI night? where you have to clean your room and your closet….i dont know about the atl jc…i went to the brunswick jc…curfew on brunswick jc is 9 on weekdays and 12 on weekends

  6. Nikki Wilson says:

    how long does it take to finish the cna what is the fastest you’ve heard someone finish? Is it safe is there alot of fights and do the older people stay with the younger ones?? Iam only going for a trade? Can you leave campus and is there a curfew at the atl center?

  7. undacovagee says:

    How much do? you get paid??

  8. likeableloveable says:

    it a nice job corp…i just finished the cna program in may and i went to graduation yesterday…the girls bed rooms have 4 to a room…hall leaders have 2 beds in a room…the closets are small…the bathroom is small…the food isn’t that good…don’t bring your iphone4 unless your going to have it on you at all times because people are going to steal from anybody anywhere you go…non smoking center and if you? do smoke dont get caught…its a nice campus you just have to stay focused

  9. Jackie Ferreyra says:

    Good luck and? hope you achieve it. Take full advantage because its a great opportunity! I regret that I didn’t get what i wanted, I was young and careless. But is not too late yet 🙂

  10. leahvintage says:

    I’m a be coming there soon? I’m so ready

  11. 1NAMOTORP says:

    ok so i am getting ready to do job corps, i am curious to all jobs all exeriences everyone has has experienced i am nervous and just would like to know what you thought of it, what you took from it and if you had the chance had the year(or whatever) you took from this and what you made of this and if you had a? good time, please let me know i am really nervous and doubting this please let me know your experience ? -One Love Gerb

  12. ElliBennet4 says:

    Did? you go to orientation?

  13. babiikhalifa says:

    think i may apply again for jobcorps again haven’t been in touch with atlanta jobcorps every since they messed up my ticket. may go this wednesday for orientation to see whats up it is boring sittin at home tryin to look for a job! most people say job corps is good. but everyone follow me? on twitter @babii_khalifa i follow back.

  14. Phurghahurg says:

    those rooms and bathrooms r soo much nicer than Flint Hills Job Corps in Manhattan, Ks boys dorms? didnt have bathrooms in the rooms girls did and we had small as lockers to put our stuff in not big dressers like that and every single room had bunk beds and was a lot more cramped than that lol

  15. 4thward1234 says:

    me too im? goin also

  16. jerkbabe says:

    also the beds. do? they all have 1 to a room ? or 4 ? I rather have 1 to a room please respond. thanks you 🙂

  17. jerkbabe says:

    I’m going to JC in September to brunswick please respond. I’m scared to go because people are saying petiole steal n stuff. what should I do about my phone ? (? iphone4) leave it at home or take it with me ???????

  18. kyijah says:

    where? are your roommates

  19. Yulonda Clark says:

    Bullying? can happen almost any where. It will only begin if you present herself as scared and timid (my opinion). She should go with her head high and her confidence on. People find what you lack confidence in and then they pounce, sad but true.She will be fine. Tell her to be excited and when she get there continue to be herself and get what she came for. Good luck to her hun

  20. MsZyona says:

    My daughter will soon be attending JC in Atlanta. How is it, she is somewhat afraid of being bullied since she have heard? so much about it. Please respond, even tho it have ben a year ago

  21. Yulonda Clark says:

    Yep…you can put? your own on at night and after room inspection

  22. Yulonda Clark says:

    Yep i agree…i went a while back, im going? back on the 30th to get my LVN

  23. NeseBoo101 says:

    Does? everyone have to have to have that bed spread/ can you bring your own?

  24. Jackie Ferreyra says:

    Los Angeles Job Cops? is wayyyy better!

  25. celtics590 says:

    are you guys allowed to have a laptop ? and also do they have rooms thats only for 2? people?

  26. Adenzmomma90 says:

    yes i did :]?

  27. combatarmsrulestk says:

    did? you meet ur fiance at job corps

  28. heriberto barrera says:

    shitty ass place i was in morganfield ky shitty ass place that place was the hood? like back home met the best raza homeboys i ever had

  29. xxkiller xxclown says:

    Are you gay??

  30. jasmirasadvice says:

    ty I just? asked about the mini fridge on the other video 🙂

  31. drusilla nelson says:

    I have a few questions about job corps im 17 and really nervous about it even after watching the videos you posted even though they are helpful but anyways here’s my Questions.
    1# i heard you get transportation from campus but? is it restricted to a certain area And when do they start allowing you to leave campus our do you have to wait a certain amount of time i have things that are needed from pharmacy Also if im still in High school do i still get to Practice for the field i want to be in??

  32. Adenzmomma90 says:

    miss you more!!?

  33. Rudy Garcia says:

    miss you guys!?

  34. SalemInsomniac says:

    Thank you for posting a positive video about job corps. I’m so tired of people posting nasty, negative videos and comments about the program since it is seriously up to the? individual what outcome they end up with, as you stated here.

  35. manufacturedfracture says:

    nah terminations will happen so? they free up space often there

  36. cutekillacurtis says:

    do you think the job? corps in AZ is full?

  37. Adenzmomma90 says:

    they only have one business class but they have four teachers. The business class is very general so you guys all learn? the same stuff except at different times.

  38. JUNiORR94 says:

    What business classes do they have?? I? live in Vegas and I might go to job corps. Let me know asap

  39. Adenzmomma90 says:

    {2} yes you can have hair color? but some teachers make you change it if its like red or something crazy. Piercings are what they are strict about. Hope i helped

  40. Adenzmomma90 says:

    (1) While your there, if you want to. But it cannot interveen with the regular school scedule. I suggest that you dont though. they keep you busy enough. They give you 10 when you first get there and its every two weeks not weekly. It can get up to 50 the longer you stay. but never more than that. it? depends on the center and their rules about that. At my dorm you could use your own but had to put the center’s bedspread on top of it when you made your bed. Others said you cant use one at all.

  41. NeseBoo101 says:

    WOW, i just watched one of your other vids, im just shocked at what your saying, its? like you hear all of these great things about job corps, but hearing it from someone else, is the beneficiary, so my question is can you get a job off center while your there? how much do they give you a week? do you have to use there bed spreads? they look nasty lol. Can you have hair color, or nail? im sorry if im asking you these silly questions, its just that i cant get them answered any where lol!!!!

  42. nancy70218 says:

    hey so? do they pay for your flight and do they give you money to do your hir lol? and how many months did it take you finish your Ged

  43. Adenzmomma90 says:

    such as??

  44. mzindependentbxtch1 says:

    I? hav lots of question

  45. mzindependentbxtch1 says:

    Hey? I hav questions email me

  46. princessjasmine211 says:

    Thanks 4 posting stuff about Job Corp! It? really helps me alot.

  47. Adenzmomma90 says:

    Yes you can join if ur a dropout. and you can usually stay the night somewhere else (as longas u tell them where) during the weekend? (friday at 5PM till sunday at 8PM) it depends on how far away you are to begin with if you wanna live off campus afterwards, and your age of course.

  48. Natalie Castro says:

    can you join if your a dropout? and when you go are you allowed to leave or stay the night somewhere else? reason I ask is my brother lives out there and I want to stay in a dorm but if I get homesick I would like to go see him or stay with him since he lives close. If you choose to live there can you later decide to live? off premises? Thank you 🙂

  49. scott young says:

    Everything this girl says is? so true

  50. soberlyfe420 says:

    lol every jobcorp video ive watched is pretty much tha same, all of them have their stupid drama, ugh i? hate golconda wish i went to the texas onee

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