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Atlanta, GA, to Newt Gingrich & New World Order – where are the jobs during the economic collapse?

by tom44 on August 19, 2012

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Atlanta, GA, like much of the US has witnessed an economic collapse.
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20 thoughts on “Atlanta, GA, to Newt Gingrich & New World Order – where are the jobs during the economic collapse?

  1. LoveLifeLoveFreedom says:

    Thank God it won’t be Newt because he guarantees he would put us into at least one other war. Of course, all? of them will be continuing that effort except Ron Paul.

  2. ecfrazier2222 says:

    Im Telling you….NEWT GINGRICH will implement Reagan Policies into this economy and make it happen! Vote for radical? change in 2012…Vote Newt! The man is an intellectual phenomena that has worked under an economy exactly like this. This is Simple! NEWT 2012!

  3. Cosairman says:

    sadly it is reckoned that Ron is part of the illuminati
    Remember no matter who gets in the Bad guys win, for now? anyway,

  4. rrrjjjmmm100 says:

    the silver fire hydrants reminds me of the “Land Of Oz” nothing is 2b? believed as the truth,it’s all just a made up dream world & we are all just expendable pawns being played!!!

  5. chuc555 says:

    Newt is such an asshole I bet the Demos are licking their chops if Newt gets the spot. Obama will win by a landslide. I heard someone say Newt has more skeletons in the closet then the Havard medical school. I hope Ron Paul wins? , he has my vote!

  6. MattyMcCritic says:

    the same is here in AL pretty much,just in my town alone there is about 4 or 5 major warehouses all empty? and abandoned….one just built and never used!

  7. EconCat88 says:

    Their work? here is just about finished.

  8. TheChuck624 says:

    Again, 30+ loading bays, very little oil staining around the docks, very little damage to the dock bumpers. The place was rated for a high volume of freight? and it looks like it was never used. What a waste. Good footage Econ and as always, thanks for your efforts.

  9. 1000chic says:

    When are people going to open their eyes?? This is? just sad. Real estate everywhere & NO jobs. Thanks EconCat88

  10. bseven54 says:

    Globalism? at work

  11. RichVoyages says:

    Looks like you were up off HWY 92.I live not too far from there.As you say we have a lot of empty warehouse spaces around.We have one large strip mall up off 92 in Woodstock that has never had any businesses move? into the space..It’s been sitting vacant for over two years.Not to mention small warehouses around the corner from the house that have lay vacant for over 8 years.

  12. jvolstad says:

    Detroit. I spoke with a buyers? agent up in Detroit. I told him I was a cash buyer (true). “Was Detroit a good area to buy into? ” His response was “yes” and that all the bad things you read about the area were not true. Guess he never head about ECONCAT88.

  13. slobomotion says:

    I am old enough to remember the “Made in the USA” ad campaigns in the ’80s, as well as an ad? series showing how our children would inherit debt and no prospects — I may have been the only one who listened. And I ended up expatriating.

  14. slobomotion says:

    Uprated and? shared.

  15. dweber66 says:

    Man you? get around !

  16. chuc555 says:

    Nice buildings? anyway!!

  17. Tanoonable says:

    it’s like a bad zombie movie…? i expect to see zombies wandering around

  18. johnnymav1 says:

    The thing is, eventually there may not be any American built autos, the? Globalists are de-industrializing America, and thus shipping our jobs overseas.. This has to stop, or we’ll all be working at Walmarts an McDonalds…. Sad state of affairs..

    Ron Paul 2012

  19. EconCat88 says:

    J33P? made in my hometown. I have driven both imports and UAW made vehicles.

  20. johnnymav1 says:

    Are you driving an American? built automobile? Do you enjoy your trips? Have you thought of heading to the Golden State?

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