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Atlanta Chiropractor 770-992-2002 Roswell, GA. Chiropractic Open weekends. United Healthcare PPO

by tom44 on June 26, 2013

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Roswell chiropractor Dr. Dan Batchelor has over 30 years of experience and has treated over 11000 patients. Winner of over 350 endurance races, he is a spor…

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25 thoughts on “Atlanta Chiropractor 770-992-2002 Roswell, GA. Chiropractic Open weekends. United Healthcare PPO

  1. Lyndon Allam says:

    this is nasty and awesome at da same? time ……

  2. Lyndon Allam says:

    mee? too

  3. bigavo86 says:

    I had my acl reconstruction 2weeks ago and already feel the difference, the? rehab is hard work but will be worth it when I’m back on the field

  4. Daniboi971 says:


  5. kingof206 says:

    i play soccer rigorously and I have never had any kind of injury.. i almost got my shin bone broke? in half though..

  6. plkyv says:

    pain? level of the torn acl? 1 – 10?

  7. plkyv says:

    came here because of Adrian Peterson? and a friend.

  8. Emma Magness says:

    My surgery? is this Friday!

  9. 15148mrking says:

    this looks mega? painful

  10. telepathic759 says:

    I? just had the same injury you described exactly making a diving tackle at work. Had surgery last Tuesday. I’m still in bed. The only pain I felt is when the anesthesiologist hits you with electricity to numb your main nerve. I woke up 4 hours later feeling high.

  11. rosariokilssy says:

    Just had a acl, lateral meniscus, medial meniscus, fractured? knee cap, and lateral femoral condyle tear as well. All thanks to football. Good thing the marine corps is paying for like 150,000$ medical bills!

  12. keith coleman says:

    I have? to get my ACL reconstructed this May

  13. Thatoneguy6515834614 says:

    I came here because I had it? done

  14. Victor Vega says:

    Same thing happened to me I was playing basketball my knee buckles the? doc tells me I have a torn ACL it 11 months till I could play basketball again

  15. kikenskie says:

    Who went here because of Rondos or? Derrick Roses ACL injury

  16. letsgoblue86 says:

    Rondo :(?

  17. gmann65478 says:

    He tore his ACL? and MCL it takes a little longer

  18. Historian NinteenNinetyeight says:

    I still c’ant believe he’s not back its been 9 months since? he tore his acl

  19. Qpulsera says:

    Yeah, came here b/c? of RGIII.

  20. XxMaNNiNg15xX says: im not the only one who came here on behalf of derrick rose….? lol..

  21. wajsherwani says:

    Hahaha wow me too!!! Came here cause of RG3!!! HTTR!!? Man hope he recovers and comes back stronger… hell adrian peterson is a big example of how he can…

  22. aroundaboutlifestyle says:

    RG3 brought me? here.

  23. andxxxcb says:

    Came? here cause of RG3

  24. chia khider says:

    Hi there Dr spero i live in the united kingdom could you recommend? any doctors that could me with advise on my knee which i have a tear in playing football (SOCCER) please get back to me as it really is bothering me thankyou.

  25. TheAngelofaDaemon says:

    well mines set? for the 21st….oh boy

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