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Arizona Medical Billing and Coding job outlook?

by tom44 on June 11, 2014

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Question by AngelsNeedTheirWings: Arizona Medical Billing and Coding job outlook?
I recently went to my local community college and looked into the medical billing and coding program. The salary looks great and I am excited to see that this is something that I would want to do. But I have some concerns about being hired after I finish my courses/ taking the cpc test and if I have to work 16 hour work days almost everyday.

-Is it hard to find jobs?
-Where is the best place to be hired?
-Is this occupation 40 hour 5 days a week?
Also, what about becoming a medical assistant? Same questions apply for this occupation as well.

Best answer:

Answer by Ryan M
This is a VERY over saturated field right now. There are about 10-15 qualified applicants for every available position.

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One thought on “Arizona Medical Billing and Coding job outlook?

  1. Sherlyn says:

    You will need at least 1-2 years experience in entry level jobs before you are promoted to coding positions in a medical facility. I’m currently employed as a medical coder and have worked in Arizona in the past, primarily in physician coding. Work hours vary a lot but are usually 5 days a week.

    While the pay range in AZ is $ 14-21/hour, what’s important to remember is that you may have to consider some of the larger or prominent cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale for jobs either in coding/billing or as a medical assistant. Also, getting certified is another criterion (a CPC certification will be required).

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