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Are you willing to donate to a NJ family in need?

by tom44 on May 19, 2013

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Question by Concerned Family Member: Are you willing to donate to a NJ family in need?
NJ Family needs financial help to get out of trouble. Yes, they are great people who’ve been through a difficult time. Mom was hospitalized twice this year and has been unable to continue working–Dad is a hard working blue collar guy. They live paycheck to paycheck and without Mom’s income, things are going downhill fast. Other family members have been contributing for the last 9 months, but they too are now stretched. The house is up for sale and they are looking to move to the NC area–hoping to get a fresh start in an area where the housing market will be in their favor. Any cash donations at this point will help with the essentials such as car repairs, dental work, doctor bills, food, etc. I will be happy to provide more details including names, addresses, etc. if you are serious about being a donor to a family in need. Just reply to this post and I’ll be sure to follow up with you. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Answer by xxmachina
Arn’t internet sob stories so 90s?

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2 thoughts on “Are you willing to donate to a NJ family in need?

  1. Watcher says:

    Not that interested though I sympathise. Isn’t New Jersey the place the Mafia reduced to rubble? My history may be flawed but I think that the Mafia should help the blue collar guy. Actually if as you say, everyone in the family is contributing I don’t see how there is a financial problem. No immigrant family gets in this position. The refugees of WW2 coped by helping each other. Actually I just assumed it was an immigrant family you were talking about. If you are talking about an American family who has been here for a couple of generations then they are a disgrace. Maybe you in conjunction with the Mafia should help. Or maybe you are just a liar.

  2. Last Ent Wife says:

    Wow, what horrible, uncaring answers so far!!
    Yes, please email me with their names and address and I will send what I can. Have they contacted their local church or charities for help?
    What about worker’s comp for the mom? What about health insurance? Does dad have a new job in NC already set up? Do they have children? Can they qualify for food stamps and the WIC program? Lots of questions. There are a lot of organizations out there that can help out.

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