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Are you happy in the military?

by tom44 on September 24, 2013

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Question by Gypsy Rose: Are you happy in the military?
I’m going into the army and I was just wondering how satisfied the soldiers are with their lives. I know it’s tough being away from loved ones, but does it pay off in the long run?
I’m leaving a boyfriend of 4 years and don’t know how to deal with it.
what does being emotional about leaving my boyfriend have anything to do with military prisons?.. Is that a crime? :/
i’m shipping out july 14..
68 Whiskey Combat Medic. going to Jackson for BT and Sam Houston for AIT.

Best answer:

Answer by Quasimodo
Oh you’ll deal with it. Either that or you’ll learn quickly that military prisons…commonly called ‘a stockade’ are nothing like civillian prisons.

However…if you like the idea of being locked up and having your freedom restricted along with a dishonorable discharge (after serving your prison time of course) then you’ll still keep saying “I can’t deal with it’.

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6 thoughts on “Are you happy in the military?

  1. sgt_gustin says:

    I love the Army. But I have been in for 10 years and its easier to do deal with after this long. The first few years are the absolute worst, same with any job. YOu gotta keep you head up and keep trying to succeed. People will try to break your spirit, squash you dreams and laugh at your plans. But they all go away eventually, and you grow. Also, get into something special as fast as you can, ie Special Forces, Special Operations, Secret type stuff. Its much more satisfying than regular army BS. and there is no such thing as 15 month deployments either. more like 2-4 months at a time.

  2. Holbrook says:

    My 13 years in the Army were great! That is why I work for the Army now as a Civilian…I did not even move back home when I was Medically Retired…I actually moved to Hawaii and then to Columbus, GA…the Army is all what you make it…you will know right away when you get to your first Duty Station if you will make it a career…you get used to being away from home…and you begin to see that the folks back home are doing the same crap they were doing when you left and that you are growing and many times they are not…the boyfriend thing…I had a girlfriend of almost two years when I left…I met a much better woman later on…she is still doing the same crap she was doing when I left…the Army is an easy job…all you have to do is be where you are suppose to be on time, do you job (somehwat), and pass a PT Test…I loved it and would have never got out, but they made me…

    EDIT: My first MOS was 91B which became 91W which became 68W…it is a good being a Female you will be in a Medical Center, Community Hospital or Combat Support Hospital (Field Unit) and worse case a Support Battalion in an Infantry Div…I was a now, 68J38 when I got out, which is Medical Logisitcs SSG, with an Instructor ASI…but I loved Ft Sam…it is a great place…have fun…

  3. x--Mia--x says:

    I’m going in as well, and although I do have worries about leaving everyone behind and where I’m going, I wouldn’t trade the chance for the world. My father was in it for six years, and said he enjoyed every minute of it. I’m sure you’ll be OK – my mum went to Germany to be with my dad, and 26 years later they’re still together, so it doesn’t mean the end of your relationship. Besides, even if you hate it, there are plenty of opportunities to leave. Give it a go, and see how it works out for you. All the people I know who’ve committed to it in the long term said it was the best thing they could’ve done with their lives.
    Good luck! And what part are you joining? I’m going into the artillery.

  4. blueturbo520 says:

    Its worth it. Aside from developing close bonds with your peers, you get the sense of pride that comes with defending your country and people. You don’t necessarily have to “leave” your boyfriend…as long as you’re both okay with long distance relationships, or he is willing to move with you…

  5. oldschool04chick says:

    just make sure you are emotionally ready for what you are about to go through, and make sure that you really want to do this. have family and friends and loved ones who support you…you’re going to need it. talk with your boyfriend about future decisions and choices regarding your lives together. sacrifices will have to be made, but if its what you want to do…go for it…including your relationship with family, friends, and your boyfriend (he can be an Army Boyfriend) it depends on what you go into the army for and what you make of it while you are there. You guys have been together so long don’t leave because you are making a career change. If its loves its love regardless of if you live by each other, or miles away. It takes work, but if you’re willing to do it…then go for it.

  6. Mandy says:

    My boyfriend just left for basic training for the Air Force…6 and half weeks in Texas…then 35 weeks AIT…he is a combat controller. We are still holding it strong planning out future out together. You will be a little homesick, distraught…every emotional feeling at first…but think of the life you will have after it is all over with. You will be able to live for yourself.
    I am leaving this summer for basic training too. I was actually supposed to leave before my boyfriend but had a minor set back…
    Tell your boyfriend to join! Then you can work on yourself and your goals and meet in the end. That is mine and my boyfriend’s plan!

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